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    Welcome to the amp tone rabbit hole .......


    Let's see how deep it goes, and hopefully you guys left milestones worth downloading :D

    I expect the first days will be spent in ecstasy, playing through a full blast Plexi profile with all its nuances, but at bedroom volume.

    I'll try all the goddamned amps I could never afford to collect, and then I'll get to learn if there is such a thing as "my" tone.

    God, I can't wait.

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

    Here's another bedroom player with more disposable income than time to practice, and more years lived than songs learned.

    But well, that's GAS for you. Surely this new expensive toy will make me play like I always dreamed of, like all the others before it.

    Anyways, I ordered a Stage and hopefully it will arrive before Christmas. Never owned any valve amps worth a damn, but played through some and oh, boy, I'm excited for my Kemper.

    See you in the forums (hopefully kindly answering the questions of this newbie).