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    I may be in the minority here, but I've always found profiles made by others lacking in some way. So I went the route of really spending time and effort profiling my own amp. Heck, no one knows your own preferences better than yourself, so you can really dig on to the smallest details. After a couple years I have two or three my own profiles that I use over anything else. 😊

    I think I'm getting to that place myself, although I don't have the patience to do it over a few years!

    Hi tone chasers,

    I'm fairly new to Kemper but not to recording, have been profesionally involved since the 90's. I got one for home so I can do quick, ampless overdubs but I'm finding very little hits and a lot of misses with profiles.

    I've been making my way through the 1000's of them from the well known guys and others, and have found that a good proportion seem ok for playing loud and live, but don't at all translate well for recording. Anyone else finding this?

    They range from a bit meh to lifeless and dull, and require heavy, heavy eq'ing to work in a typical rock mix. From recording cabs I know that some eq and other processing might be necessary, but I've never had to wind in some much high end (and often low end) and reshape the mids like I do with the many of these profiles - including very popular ones spoken about on this forum and others.

    Some of the STL stuff (Benson and Bendeth for example) sound about right - they're present, crunchy and can slot into a mix with moderate and typical processing. They are way too bright for live playing, and that's to be expected.

    I've made my own profiles of my Plexi and I'm very happy, it sounds as it should. I don't own a roomful of Bogners and Diezels and don't really want to hassle all my friends for loners of the precious toys... so who else caters for the studio crowd?



    'Locking' feature no longer works for me. Kemper rack loads the selected profile's settings, ignores the 'lock'. RM3 shows the locked settings, Kemper is totally different, not synced. Just filled out a beta feedback response.

    Anyone else have this?

    Yep, I noticed cabs and FX no longer lock. If you drag an effect to a different slot, then back again it comes good.

    I'm seeing a number of bugs with RM3 on Mac (Mojave).

    The main two are:

    1. renaming folders - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't retain new name open when reopening RM or collapsing/re-opening parent folder. Other times an unrelated folder will be renamed along with the current one.

    2. dragging a profile to another folder usually crashes RM.

    I think the Kemper team have done some awesome work though, the editor is fun and efficient to use for sure.