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    I'm using the SD Powerstage 700 with my Kemper and love it. Stereo inputs/outputs and although you can adjust the EQ with the Kemper when playing different venues which produce tonal differences, it's much easier to do with the PS700 EQing.

    I have two in Stereo, coming out of the Direct and Monitor outputs into a Powerstage 700 R&L inputs, then into two separate kabs. Works and sounds great. Using an unpowered rack KPA.

    I have a problem where the KPA, without hooking to a computer or doing anything but play it, copies all five slots from a Performance and paste them into another Performance, all five slots, resulting in two Performances exactly alike. This has happened to me on three occasions. I now do often backups on a USB stick and when this happens, restores the Performances.

    I picked up a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 yesterday and it sounds very promising. I like it because you can run Stereo out of the KPA through the 700 into two speaker kabs. The Fryette PS2 (which I have and really like) will only allow a mono signal in. I haven't used it out on a job yet so reserving all out positive message until I do.

    I had a TC Furlong Powered Cabinet and took the Kone out of the Kemper Cabinet, where I was using a Telonics Power Amp to drive, and put the Kone in that Powered Cab. The Furlong Cab is a great sounding cab with it's original speaker but after a few minutes of play after putting the Kone in it, I removed the Kone and replaced it in the Kemper Cab. It did not sound as good in the powered cab. I'm typically a 15 in JBL J or E 130 speaker fan but have to say so far I am impressed with the Kone. I've ordered a second Kemper Cab to run in Stereo out of the Power Amp. The Kone is so clean and I'm using the D120F Imprint. As for the manual, from working with a lot of Lexicon Effects Units (and others) I can generally pick something like the KPA up and get around pretty good on it. After I've worked with something like this for a while and get an idea of what things do, then I go back and read the manual front to back and I can better understand what it's saying and I've found that every time I read it, I learn new things, things I didn't see or comprehend the first or second time I read it.

    I have a Fryette 2-50-2 and a PS2. The only thing I don't like about the PS2 is that it only has a single input but dual output. I like to stay dual output from the KPA so haven't been using the PS2. The KPA manual discusses the use of a tube power amp and recommends the use of a digital power amp to avoid a tube profile feeding into a tube power amp. I thought both the tube and digital power amp sounded great with the KPA and since the digital is lighter, I've been using it.