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    Just snagged a KSR PA50 off of reverb for a good price. I know it has been said many times the kemper sounds best with a SS power amp but I wanted to give it a go. Anyone use one before?

    HI All,

    Looking to get a nice hardshell case with cutaway foam for my toaster, morningstar mc8 midi controller, hx effects, and SD powerstage 170. It seems as pelican is a popular brand but hard to find the 1610. Any thoughts

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm using a morningstar midi controller with my kemper. I have it programmed to toggle my effects accordingly (respectable cc value and 0 for off 1-127 for on). Is there anyway I can just do a button press and have it toggle the effect? I'm running into the issue where if I switch performances when I have delay on and the next one has delay off, I essentially have to hit the button twice. Once to get it back to off position on the midi controller to match what is on the kemper and then on again to actually activate. Any thoughts?

    Everyone? That's not true.

    Just stop reading what others write and be more confident in what you hear and feel. If something sounds better to you, it sounds better. That's it.


    Hence why I put the "essentially" ? definitely exaggeration on my end but still I feel it's the majority? But who knows. However, as you said, it shouldn't matter!

    I have the QC, Kemper, and Axe Fx. I have this urge to just pick one and forget the's essentially option paralysis. How do you focus on playing? I almost feel as if I need to pledge my time to one unit but then I feel guilty about the others just chilling there. I also read too much into guitar forums. Essentially everyone claims the QC to be heads and shoulders above the kemper but idk, I think they are very similar in terms of pure guitar tone and I often lean towards playing the kemper given my familiarity and maturity of the unit. I guess those who have a QC at the moment pre-ordered either within the first months of it being announced or shortly there after so maybe they have a bias given they have waited so long and also are obviously big NDSP fans if they preorded direct without any knowledge of the product. Not saying the QC is a bad product! Just that to me, it isn't the gamechanger they tried to push it to be.

    Do you like tighter palm mutes? I found the QC to be quite sterile and lacking that thump

    For now just running the cortex straight into the front of the kemper. Using cortex overdrives, amp models and captures into clean or semi light crunch profules. Sometimes just using the Kemper for cabs, delay and reverb. Stacking in all sorts of various ways has given truly wonderful results. Sometimes I think I like profiled cabs better but still going back and forth quite a bit.

    Utilizing the kone imprints with cortex models and captures have yielded some great results as well.

    Have you tried using midi on the QC? As in changing scenes on the QC via the kemper remote, or is that not possible?

    If anyone has a Cortex and a Kemper and you're NOT Stacking them together, you are missing out big time!

    I know this setup would be crazy expensive, ridiculously sketchy to take to small gigs, and logistically a bigger hassle than just taking one or the other but oh my... the tones for articulate high gain are just really something special going on in my headphones right now and it wouldn't be very Gucci of me to not share this. Chugs and Cheers!

    How are you using both??

    I'm fortunate enough to have both the QC and Kemper. I'll be honest, I sold my kemper a couple months before getting the QC. I fell for the #gamechanger neural dsp hype machine. I should have taken the advice I gave others on waiting to sell gear before you can A/B. Now this isn't saying the QC is a bad system, it's actually quite good. But honestly, the Kemper still has this 3d quality and bass response that seems to be lacking in the QC. Also, I could not find a clean capture that could compare to the Kemper....thats where I saw the biggest difference. Another huge factor is the Kemper rig exchange and commercial profiles are actually existent and matured well beyond the QC (which is to be expected). All in all the QC will be up there with Kemper and Axe Fx....eventually. It has a long road ahead of it. So I did end up repurchasing a kemper and will not be letting it go this time!


    When recording do you guys use external IRs or stick with the profile cab? Have started to enjoy external IRs more but that also makes me feel like I'm not using my Kemper to full use when I do that. Thoughts?

    so to build off this. The manual mentions for the speaker out and monitor out are connected internally. Does that mean I cant plug a powered cab into the monitor out for for the powered model? I know you wouldn't want to plug a frfr into the speaker out so I didnt know if it held true for the monitor out

    is it possible to run both a FRFR speaker and a normal guitar cab at the same time with the powered kemper. If so would it really be beneficial in anyway? Thanks!


    Just picked up a powered speaker and was curious if I should connect from the monitor output of the kemper to the input of the powered speaker via instrument cable or speaker cable? And it does go into the input and not the output, correct?

    I have been trying to get some of my pedals I normally use in an effects loop into my kemper but I can't seem to figure out how to get them called in. I have them plugged in to the send and return but they dont do anything when turned on. Any help?