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    I have played in a Pink Floyd Tribute for about 10 years and alway used a Wet/Dry rig. Sometimes it must be extremely panned, as in dry - Left and wet - Right. I wish the kemper would let me do this. It should be simple and it sounds great for some things!

    Please Kemper Team!!!!!!!

    I am having the same problems. using it to open for Trace Adkins on friday and wish it didn't do this. I am using a strat with pretty weak pickups, stack isn't on, and only using a compressor after it to try to get some level out of this thing. Does the crackle even with the compressor in bypass. I am not compressing anything, just using it for level.

    Rich Morpurgo

    It seems if I play the B or high E string too hard with the acoustic sim, there is some ugly digitalish distortion. I am not playing very hard at all.

    I have played it on two gigs so far and cant seem to play light enough ( fiingerstyle with a strat neck or middle pickup).

    Any ideas?



    I think the transpose function (used in the Rig window)

    will work and keep me from bringing an extra guitar for open tuned slide (one guitar open E and one oped D ),

    The problems seems to be that I cant change rigs in a performance and keep the key change. This seems like it would function another way.

    I guess my only option is to copy the performance to another slot and add a transpose to a stomp slot?


    I am using an old dunlop volume pedal, which I think is the same case as a crybaby, with a momentary switch and 10K pot from CE distribution and it works fine for the wah. I am not sure it is as good as my 1967 Vox, but it is close enough for gigging. I have been wanting to take the vox off my board because of the its value anyway.

    It was really easy to switch. The pot from CE has the gear on it allready. I had to drill another hole for the switch jack.

    FYI. I have a powered head and Kemper Kone. it is the shit! I play a 1970 marshall small box into a 1970 4x12 and this 1x12 will keep up.

    AND, I am playing my own profiles, so I have a point of reference!

    don't need anything else!

    except this lockdown to get over with and start playing gigs again.

    Rich Morpurgo

    I have a Kemper Kabinet and a powered head. I am interested in using a wedge that I have a Kone in and a power amp to be able to monitor stereo live.

    Can I use the other output? Does it have the eq for the Kone in it as well?

    I have to say that this Kone is the best thing to happen to me . I am a relatively new Kemper powerhead owner and bought this to gig with (although I produce records in a studio and it has been great for that). I have had a hard time monitoring myself live. I did one gig with in-ears and it was fine. Most of my gigs are just a band on a stage and one or two monitor mixes and thats it.

    My second gig was a corporate affair and I used a JBL EON 610. While it sounded fine at low volumes, when I got it up to gig volume it turned out it was a faulty cabinet (probably a poweramp-processor problem). I have since gotten a new one, but have not unpacked it since I got it.

    The Kone is great. I have played it at gig volumes and don't seem to exceed 25 watts on the meter. Any I am using the celestion K12H-200 TC which is the non kemper version. It didn't sound good until the new software for the Kone arrived. It is an 8 OHM speaker and the kemper powerhead is plenty loud for me. My other rig is a 1971 small box marshall into a scumback loaded 4x12 into a Freyette PS 2 ( to turn it down). This rig is just fine volume wise. It finally feels good playing it with the Kone. I may use the Power Station and another Kone for stereo. I have a credit at Sweetwater that will buy a Kabinet right now.

    BTW, I have been using profiles of my amp rig to keep the growning pains down and this finally feels and sounds like it!!!!!! AND now i can add MBritt and other profiles to the rig as I go. I am exited again. Now if this damned Covid-19 would gp away and the gigs might start up again!!!!

    Thanks C. Kemper for a great product!!!

    Rich Morpurgo

    I have owned a power head for a couple months now. I have spent COUNTLESS hours on work arounds. I just updated to the finally released non-beta rig manager with editor and new OS. Now I seem to have to learn NEW bug work arounds. Is this really the way the Kemper works?

    I want to edit performances. I am a professional player and wanted this solution (kemper) to make my life EASIER....... Please Kemper, get it together or I will go back to my old 50 year old marshall. It has never been this much hassle!

    Is there someone I can call to get help? This is getting embarrassing for Kemper-amps.

    now all the rigs in my best and most used performance all the slots are back to "Crunch"

    I am close to done with this. It has also rearranged quite a few slots in performances that had different amps in them.

    Rich Morpurgo

    it sounds to me like there is a "linear" mode. the only problem with acoustic guitars, is there may be some info above the range of the acoustic that will be gone. But not much. The linear setting will allow all of the 'amp and cabinet' sounds to flow through this speaker. That way when there are different cabinets with the profiles they will be represented.

    It is a really good idea! good for C.Kemper and team?