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    Hello everyone. Hope you are all safe and well.

    I bought the Kemper Kabinet & Kone about a month ago, and I love it. However, I miiiight have pulled the trigger on it a tad too soon.

    I prefer to use my current setup of guitar (d’uh) > Into Input on Kemper > Two Jack cables out of Kemper’s Main Out > Into Guitar Rig Control 2’s (USB Audio Interface) Input > Then from GR Cntr’s Output into a powered Stereo Home Speaker system with 2x speakers.

    This way I can use my computer to record, or play music that is sometimes tuned down 1/2 step without having to tune my guitar or use Kempers transpose function, I simply use a software to play or record songs and transpose those song up or down depending on song. I don’t like connecting my phone to the Kemper for tuning and recording reasons.

    Now, all this being said I don’t want to damage my Kemper (powered) but I want to know if I can connect the Cab & Cone either to my home stereo or connect it with an amp cable going from Red output (Kemper) to Input on Kab, then have something going from Output on Kab to either my Guitar Rig Control 2 or to my home stereo or will that as I fear create a short circut somewhere? I have zero gear to lose right now.

    Maybe I should wait for powered Kemper Kabs or buy powered FRFR speakers? I think I read somewhere that the Out on the Cab is for mixing boards ect and those are powered too (like a USB device or home stereo, Yes? And I am not putting anything into the Red output of the Kemper that is powered already just the Cab, right?) I didn’t get a manual for the Kab & Kone order so I want to be sure.

    I know, I should and I do want another audio interface but later : )

    Thanks guys!

    Hi everyone :)

    I didn't know where to post this, feel free to move it to the proper forum category.

    As some of you know, a few weeks ago I started a thread asking a few questions before I bought the KPA.

    I have had it for a while now, and I need to get this off my chest.

    I LOVE THE KEMPER SO MUCH!!! I'm so happy right now I am about to cry!

    I've experienced so many tragedies in my life. Bullied at school, lost most of my close family. Never fit in anywhere. Being introvert I rarely get a friend, let alone a girlfriend.
    I suffer from major depression and severe anxiety at times, been like this for 20 years.

    I've been through the ringer as they say. I, as so many others, turned to music. And what we found in music opened up a new world to us where problems simply don't exist, or at least they get put on hold or maybe through music we can finally deal with our problems once and for all. Get it all out.

    This is a personal thank you letter to everyone involved in making the Kemper, and to the whole forum here, you guys are great!!
    KPA gives me happiness. I CAN SMILE AGAIN. I hate making post like this in many ways, I'd rather write lyrics, but I have to share this. I can not thank the team enough.

    I could usually never afford "the real deal amps" and I really couldn't afford the KPA in the first place, but after reading reviews and watching videos I knew I had to get it.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU: Christoph Kemper!

    My problems and pain disappear whenever I plug in and play the Kemper. The tones I get out of it is magical and I get shivers and I feel alive again!
    You have no idea how much this has changed my life.


    Did you update to the 3.0 Rig Manager where it has the controls at the bottom of the screen? Your timing is great because you may be the first of breed to grow with the new functionality in Rig Manager from the beginning.

    Indeed I have :) Yes, I am able to edit and adjust the profiles in RM 3.0, it's pretty nice to be able to adjust via a computer. Works like a charm :)

    Update #2:

    KPA and Remote arrived today.

    For the past 3 hours I've been playing and learning the knobs ect.

    I can not believe how good this thing is. I am still in shock, *laugh*. Manual is very well written, everything works 100%. I updated it right away, and I also got to experience my first crash (yes it crashed) I have read up that this doesn't occur too often so I'm not worried it will happen live or recording.

    I'm looking into buying the Tim Caswell modded Marshall for that AFD tone via Top Jimi. And I really hope I can find the famous Mesa Boogie Mark lll Purple Stripe and I'm ready for some serious 80s nights from dusk to dawn. My Les Paul Custom Shop BB is in the shop so all I could play through is my Dean Acoustic electric guitar, but I get the gist of what I can expect when I get back my LP

    I AM ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER! Changing presets and adjusting to taste is super-easy. I wish there was a way to record or loop a riff, like a looper effect but that is not biggie at all. (Somehow I get a feeling even that is possible with the Kemper but I have no idea how, yet)

    Thanks for all the help guys. This forum is up there with the standards of the Kemper... ...AKA: outstanding! Cheers

    Excellent. Thank you for the reply deadman42 I will be sure to remember all this :)
    Judging from all the videos I've seen online and all I've read this amp is going to be amazing and I really look forward to dial in some awesome tones.
    I agree. I prefer sound-in-room over anything. And when my shirt starts waving I know I have the volume just right, lol.


    Hello everyone! Hope 2020 has been good to you all so far. Sending much love to all you Kemper-fans here! And to the creators of this amazing amp. I'm on my hands and knees thanking you for making this product. I can not express in human words the love and gratitude I have for all your hard work making our tonal-dreams come true!! You guys are true visionaries and great artists in every sense of the word. Who would've thought 20 years ago this would be the future?

    Alrighty, after some consideration (selling my new flat recently helped financially too), I have come to the conclusion that I'm ready to join the hype.

    Later this week I'm pulling the trigger and I'm buying the KPA Powerhead (toaster) that includes the Kemper Controller (floor pedal) I also added to my cart the AKG K-702 series headphones after having read another thread about those here on the forums (Thanks user: HappyKemper, shout-out to you :)) and a 50EU priced good quality jack cable from guitar to input.

    I have also been considering buying a FRFR speaker cab system, but having been recently informed about the Kemper Kab & Kone needless to say I will wait for the official release of these items and buy those instead. What can and will look better than having the teal colored toaster on top of the teal colored Kemper Cab? I think I need to recolor my walls just to complete the studio *laughs*

    Anyways, what is the best way to hook up all this? I'm thinking connecting power (d'uh) then connecting the floor pedal to the KPA, then from guitar output jack to Input of KPA Head, and then I connect headphones to Headphones In on the head? How am I doing so far? :) Needless to say I don't want to damage my new goods. So thought I could ask questions beforehand.
    Better safe than sorry. I bought the Powered version because I plan on buying the passive speaker cab from Kemper when available that way I just connect the cab to the Speaker Output (red) on the Head, right?

    Long story short I don't need a speaker cab to enjoy the KPA right? Just headphones connected to the head - that's all?

    Cheers everyone! Have a great day!

    Cheers! I will remember that :) I am so psyched about the potential with the Kemper. Looking forward to getting one asap :)

    Hello everyone

    I heard about The Kemper a few years ago when a previous band mate told me about it.

    I was like, cool so you say yet another multi-effects thing, eh?

    I forgot about it and a couple of weeks ago, for some random reason, I recall the conversation I had with my previous friend and bass player. I thought I could at least check this product out online.

    So I went where most people go for research, Youtube.

    I searched "Kemper Tones" pure and simply and clicked on the first one, this one:

    Having been a Gn'R fan for close to 20 years I was, LITERALLY BLOOOOOOWN AAAAAWAY with what I heard. I still have a huge amount of disbelief. I can not believe my ears. I'm actually really thrilled about this product now.

    Anyways, needless to say, I am saving up money for it as we speak. Planing to live on beans and rice for a while cuz this thing costs the big moneys (not for what you get I suppose)

    I have a few questions though. I am very simple Plug N' Play kinda guy.

    I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Black Beauty that is my main guitar (all I need)

    And I really just wonder how do I connect this Kemper Profiler (toaster) Head I am saving up for?

    I understand that I need some kind of cab, right? I live in an apartment (for now) and I kinda see my self using The Kemper with a 2x12 cab.

    As I said I'm really simple, I was actually saving up for a 4x12 Jet City cab and head because as I said I prefer the simple human-guitar-0 effects-into something 4x12-powered by 50/100w head. I kinda see my self placing The Kemper on top of a 2x12 cab but I wonder what speakers should I get inside the cab, does it matter? (i keep hearing Full Range Speakers) Is this enough? Should I consider adding something else? I have a computer too, so I guess I could always download firmware/software and new presets.

    What is the connecting path with the wires and stuff?

    Thanks for reading everyone!