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    I have figured out my problem. I was trying to import performances into the local library at the top of the rig manager list. I can only import profiles into that top library without any error code. If I import performances in the local library folder under "all performances" at the bottom of the rig manager list then it works fine. Also I removed the USB stick from the kemper with the beta update on it. I do not know if that created an issue or not.

    I am having the same problem as Boogiem. I will try the USB Stick Work Around. Just purchased my kemper and wanted to use the new interface. The only way I know to make it work would be to download the non beta version of rig manager then import all the files I want. Then re-install the beta version. The install should convert all files to the new format. If kemper does figure out how to fix this I would like to know.


    I am having the same issue. Just bought mine, and wanted to use the new interface, but I might have to delete it and go back to the pre beta version to import my purchased tones and then re-download the beta version. This is a huge time suck but the only way i can figure out to make it work. If anybody has any idea how to fix this I would really like to know.