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    In some threads I read, that EQing in the amp section can destroy the profile. Therefore I've been afraid to tweak there. Also I read a lot about that the profile isn't the right of you need to touch the EQ. Somehow I can't observe this. The EQ just reacts like an amp EQ would do and pulls the tone where I like it to have. Anyway I'm only using merged profiles. So my question: does the EQ on post position then sits post the direct profile and and pre the cab section so that this negative influence on the profile doesn't occur or am I just lucky?

    The Kemper-Master doesn't react like a Master on a tube amp.. it's like a master on an mixer. Just pure volume. If you want to increse power amp distortion, you need a profile, which is doing exactly like this.

    The point of this is, that you can play a cranked Triple Rectifier at bedroom volume.

    Edit: Maybe there could be a second step seperation. So

    1. Profiling the whole amp + cab + mic

    2. Direct Profile

    3. Preamp Profile

    Now you could merge 3 with 2 and those with 1. Then you might implement something to push the poweramp section.

    Sorry guys for my late response... was busy my studys..
    Nice points of view. Thanks a lot!

    Anyway I currently play with a Roadking Profile from Deadlight. Which works greate live but is muddy and dump and muffled and dull even with a 100Watt wedge. But seems to work at gig volume. Well the conclusion is to EQ my IEM signal with boosting the highs and cutting the bass a little.

    Somehow this is weired this I though fletcher would also boost (in imagine) the lowend hat higher volumes. But at gig volume my sound doesn't get boomy as I supposed it should do...

    I have not. For whatever reason, the sound I get at home is pretty much dead-on for when playing live. Nothing more than a PreSonus Audiobox USB and a set of Sony MDR-7506 headphones. Whatever the reason, it translates well. At least, that's what everyone tells me. :)

    I keep that quote around for when it all goes in the toilet. 'Cause it will..... ;)

    Would you share the profile you use and a sample record + di (mono)

    It's not a thing of my IEMs. Have the same thing with other headphones and my monitors at home. Sounds doll as long as the level is low and prime, as its gets loud ;)

    But as I read here, this is an effect of the Fletchers Curve. So I wonder how you guys cope with it.

    I'm using the jacks for IEM and XLR for FOH so I have the same "main out" EQ going to both. The IEM signal gets some extra EQ in the mix rack, not sure what we do there exactly but I could check it out for you.

    What might help as well is checking what your IEMs and wireless pack sounds like, just play some normal music through it that you know well. Perhaps your IEMs themselves are just dull for instance or the pack has some setting screwed up. Just to make sure you know what you're working with.

    My IEMs are fine, and reference sounds fine. Not dull. It's that thing, that feel, that a sound that works for me IEM is way too sharp FOH.

    Would be interested for those settings, as well for a raw sample. ?

    Hey guys,

    I got a nice sound, that when cranked up to gig volume, sounds pretty nice. Since I play live via IEM, this sound is pretty muffled for me. So best practice for me would to separately eq my guitar on the monitors. Suppose the whole thing is cause due to Fletcher-Effect.

    I'm no interested in how you guys solve this. Also with different EQing or do you drive the same eq FOH and IEM? If second, I'd be interested in some raw mono recordings of that sound, in a metal context.