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    yes - Im using the F200 with the cab sim on -- sounds great, especially the MBritt profiles. Everything from a Deluxe Reverb to a Marshall Silver Jubilee. I've recently started checking out the Kemper Kone imprints, and while very noticeable as you change them, not convinced they sound better than the cab sims in the profiles (they may sound much better through a Kone).

    How neutral/flat sounding are the F200’s? They’re FRFRs right?

    Sounds like the tube amp (Fryette) power section interacts with your cabinets in some way (variable impedance?) which isn't captured by the KPA but can be added by processing with tube amplification.

    It does in 2 ways imo. First you get that feeling where however you play it comes through the amp (alive and not dull feeling). Secondly, atleast for me it brought out that low end rumble, resonance, and thump that’s lifeless in the stock powerhead amp.

    if I bypass the power section in my Kemper powerhead and go straight into the Fryette power station to 4x12 cab, The difference is like comparing a solid-state amplifier versus a real tube amplifier. Like comparing an a.m. radio versus an FM stereo.

    In fact, you can’t really compare the two because in my opinion, there’s no comparison…

    It’s ‘night and day’.

    Agreed, same exact for me having I assume you mean the PS2 comes out ahead.

    I bought a PowerStation to use as an attenuator (actually, it's more of a re-amper) on my Dr. Z amps, and it was fantastic. When I got my Kemper Rack, I now use it as my power amp into my monitor (was using a 2x12 with Celestion F200-X12, now a 1x12 with the Celestion) and it's equally fantastic. I cannot detect any color added by the 6L6's ... I'm sure on a spectrum analyzer it would show up compared to a Class D, but for my environments I'd defy anyone to hear the difference. The PowerStation is expensive, but given it's various uses, it's really worth it -- particularly if you even need tube amp attenuation. And its 50w of tube power -- it's LOUD, but can also whisper without losing tone.

    With the Thiele 1x12 its makes a nice, portable kit. The PowerStation is in the rack with the Kemper and a power supply (6U rack). I also got a back panel from BTPA that let's me have quick, easy connections out the back of the rack.

    I assume you’re using that cab and this F200 with cab sim on? How is it?

    I have one of these coming soon...can someone clarify what volume to set the Kemper MONITOR OUTPUT to into the line level on PS2? I assume you want to unlink from master volume and set the MONITOR OUTPUT volume on the Kemper to 0.0dB?

    Then the PS2 is getting full input level and I use the PS2 to control cab volume...please confirm.

    I put two Kones in a Victory Cab that had two V30's in it. I like it. On heavy profiles the V30 setting usually sounds great. But on a lot of the clean settings it's my least favorite and changing the Kone selection improves the sound a lot. Worth the change in my opinion.

    So you're talking about imprints? You still can't set it per profile can you? Do the Kones sound bad as an FRFR?

    Anyone replaced their speakers in a 2x12 cabinet with Kones? I have a Mesa 2x12 with v30's but just wondering since obviously every tone I use today is v30's in the Mesa.

    C kemper recommends not to use a valve power amp as it can add too much colour. For this purpose a simple class d amp gives all you need

    Yeah we know that. But I’ve run my Kemper by itself using the internal powerhead amp vs. a tube amp. There is no comparison which sounds better in a room with a real cab even if it’s slightly colored.

    Back on topic...anyone still using a PS-2? Do you run the Kemper monitor out at -12 or some level and then use the Fryette to change volume up and down?

    I'm messing this thread up with late replies! :D I did spam him about it oncw but got a vague response about checking out paid profiles from " major profilers" 8o To be honest before this virus hit and had me work double shifts on end all the time at the hospital I spent way too much time chasing tone rather than actually playing guitar... :D

    ... and now I barely have time to play at all lol. Guessing I could get myself another kemper with all that extra wage and play true stereo :P Perhaps that'll get me closer and playing more 8o8o8o

    I hope all of you stay safe out there chaps!

    Did you ever get any closer here? I'd be interested in this too...when referring to profile maker with all merged profiles...are they referring to Deadlight Studios? I didn't think Sinmix is only merged...

    Same scenario here. I'm looking to purchase a used power head and would like all he global settings and rigs back to factory default. As well as any foot controller settings. I see all the available rig packs on the Kemp site, so I am not concerned about loading rigs back in. How do I wack out any global/system setting and foot controller assignments the previous user may have changed? Thanks!

    Send an email to Kemper support. They will send you the instructions to do so along with a backup file that will reload it back to 100% factory state using the latest official firmware.

    I only use Merged or Direct profiles when using my cab in the room...monitor output off (i.e. no cab sim). I just feel my tone is missing that feeling and I've had a Kemper Kabinet and didn't like it at all. There's enough pros out there using a KPA with real cabs, even as backline that I'm sure they're using something other or better than the powerhead amp, and aren't just blasting cab volume for the sake of backline noise...they probably have some dialed in tones too even if FOH is getting the full simulated feed.