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    I have a Mesa v30 here. The real cab just feel and hits harder and has a tight low end. I’m not knocking the kone technology, just the kab itself didn’t work for me. Maybe I’ll throw a pair of kones in a 2x12 or bigger cab one day. With the v30 imprints using DI profiles I just couldn’t get that same sound and feel of the real cab vs. the imprint. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not for me. FRFR mode seemed about what I’d expect one to sound like.

    Well I sent my Kabinet back. Just wasn’t happy enough for $500 for my applications of med-high-heavy gain setup. As some have stated above I agree it did feel muffled or blanket over it. I wonder what V30 they modeled after...some certainly are more muffed like the Chinese ones. Listen to UK v30 in a Mesa vs. Orange there’s definitely a difference.

    That's a different problem. "not loud enough" is not the same as "doesn't sound good", which is what it seems you're saying.

    I mean it's a little of both. Clean/low gain/even medium gains sounds okay. It's the high gain stuff that doesn't sound good to my ears. Mr. Kemper is right that he said FRFR mode is provbably better for high gain stuff and I would agree, but then you lose the amp in the room idea. Hence, why I'll just stick with buying a regular 2x12 v30 cabinet for playing DI profiles in person and headphone studio profiles at night.

    This is so incorrect. The 112 I have barely gets off of 2 in my bedroom-size practice space.

    I don’t know what 2 is but at -15 to -20 dB or so it’s loud sure, but it’s not tight or deep enough for high gain fast thrash, metal, chugging, etc type playing.

    Oh no no, I would not do that. Clearly there is an issue/disparity and CKemper already said many high gain folk prefer FRFR mode. The Kemper is awesome and the Kone is amazing too. I could EQ it to sound great (big bass boost) it just took a bit of thought. guitarguy316 it took me 3 months to get used to the Kemper - it is just so sophisticated and requires knowledge to get the most out of it. It is not a GT-100 with presets!! My guess is that Kemper will do something in a free software update to improve Kone for metal players - Kemper is the Tesla of guitar processors. Be patient.

    I’m not doubting the kone technology. It’s just a 1x12 isn’t enough unless playing at small bedroom. Once you go to FRFR route, then you lose the cab in the room feeling/sound so it’s similar to getting a headrush or any other solution.

    I can always add some kones to a cab later on but right now I just don’t think the 112 kabinet cab punch above it’s weight. Yes I did tweak in profiles but also within the global output for monitor out to see if I can improve things.

    Edit - as a side note, I thought kemper customer service was top notch? It’s been a pain so far to figure out how to ship this back them and that whole process. I know times are crazy right now but I can’t get anyone to call me and it took 3 days after multiple inquiries to get a response.

    Hard to tell from the clip but I think this is suffering from loss of low end like all the high gain's I've tried. If you turn off imprints with high gain they are much better with default EQ. I have found if you use the Imprints (e.g V30) to get a decent sound with high gain you have to EQ the crap out of the profile. For example - increase Bass by +3.0, mids +0.5 and Treble +0.5 as a minimum. And thats on top of bass boost! Or is it just me.

    Yes I would agree with you as a high gain player. I have my Kabinet here getting boxed back up today. The V30 (which is most commonly used in high gain profiles) is flat and required me to tweak a lot. Overall I also made the mistake of thinking a 1x12 could get a little bit of oomph on the low end.

    At the 1:01 or so mark Michael states the run the speaker cable out the monitor output. Having coffee and running late for work so may have misunderstood. I have been running my Kones (in a 2 x 12) using my speaker output. Do I want to use the monitor output for my cab with Kones?

    Hope that made sense.... ?(

    If you're using a Kemper powerhead, you use the speaker output (powered from internal amp).

    FRFR mode as in Kemper Kone ON, Imprints OFF? Yes I have played into a 2x12 EVH...sold the 5150 to get the Kemper of course :)

    I had a Marshall 1960 4x12 before that but didn't own the kemper yet. I think I'm just coming to the conclusion the Kone itself is probably just fine and maybe a great idea to throw those in a 2x12 or 4x12, but a 1x12 just can't give me a enough for heavy rock, metal, or high gain playing where that low-end thump is needed.

    Stupid question/thought. I have a Powerhead...typically run it thru a 1 x12 or recto 4x12 (All V30's)..Primarilly going for high gain tones, BUT...I love the versatile possibilites with the Kab or Kone...Has anyone done high-gain with the Kone/Kab? I've heard all the other clean/bluesy/semi break-up, and some rock sounds, (AWESOME), but just want to hear or hear from someone who is getting Periphery-esque tones (i.e. 5150 III/Stealth sounds..) High & tight! If the Kab or Kone can do it (I'm sure they can..) I may have to at least get a Kone for now.....

    I posted earlier in this thread. That’s primarily me and I wasn’t impressed with the kab. Putting a v30 imprint on just sounds small, muffled, and no oomph needed for metal.

    Point being I don’t think it’s the kone per se as much as a 1x12 being weak for heavy tones.

    For clean or low gain chimey stuff it’s fine.

    Inhave the larger Mesa horizontal 2x12, they have a smaller version also, haven't tried it. I do have a 4x12 Traditional and Oversized. The 2x12 is more focused and every bit as good.

    Right on, my local GC has a used one but not sure if I want a cab that sits low of the floor or the angled more upright at my face.

    The Mini Recto slant cabinet looks very nice but sounds very small. Definitely not enough oomph. 2x12 is the smallest I'd recommend.

    I would love to try a pair of Kones in my 2x12 but I only purchased one. Inhave tried many speakers in the 2x12 and they all worked great. Arguably the best cabinet I have.

    My Kone is in a 1x12 oversized cabinet and is suprisingly big sounding. I just dont prefer the Kone models for metal either.

    you rocking the MB 212 horizontal or vertical?

    There's a reason why so many metal players like the Mesa 2x12 or similarly constructed cabs. It's smaller length/width & longer depth adds tightness, balances out V30s and a reinforced baffle that will not flex under any circumstance. Throw a couple of Kones in there and I'll bet you won't be able to tell the difference from real V30s. But, alas, that cab may be a one-trick pony so it probably wouldn't benefit from all the other great speaker imprints available. If you're mostly a high-gain player, the ultimate setup would be a stock Mesa 2x12 (or similar) for metal and a Kabinet for all your other music genre needs. And, if you think having more than one cab ridiculous, count how many guitars you own first.

    Yeah I hear ya, I've yet to play my KPA through a real cab but since I'm not recording or gigging, just a play at home player maybe that's the way to go. I've been eyeballing the Mesa vertical 2x12 cab, but wondering if the 1x12 mini recto slant will be enough oomph.

    Thank you Mr. Kemper! Don't get me wrong, the Kabinet is great piece of musical equipment. I just find that generally higher gain amps are usually profiled with V30 or sometimes G12H (EVH) / G12T (Marshall) so really having all the imprints is probably not necessary for me though it's nice to have if I want to dabble in something other than rock 'n roll. I did try running the v30 imprint and then adjusting the treble/presence on the master output to try to give it some some more life since it sounds a little flat to me.