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    dude, I just step on your Soldano Hot Rod 100+ profiles on rig exchange. The new ones from 10 April 2020.

    I'm blown away by the quality of them. I'm using "Soldano S01" and "Soldano S03" profiles.

    The best soldano profiles I tried to date.

    Thank you very much for your work!


    I'm just here to comment that I discovered these free profiles and I'm blown away!!

    My current fav is the "Soldano S03 57+421" Which is almost the same combo I used 2 years ago on a studio to record my Jet City 100HDM (Cheap Soldano Hot Rod 100+). I used a Sennheiser e906 and a 421, so this profile fits me very well.

    To anyone looking for free Soldano profiles, I highly recommend these.

    PD: I just noticed he updated a lot of profiles 5 days ago! The one I am using by the way...

    Would I need 2 spdif cables to run interface into Kemper? Out to in, in to out?

    If you want to send any signal from the computer to the kemper, yes, you need the second RCA cable. But for recording, one cable Kemper -> Audio interface is enough. As mentioned before, for reamping is recommended to hace 2 RCA cables. But hey, you can manipulate the signal chain as much as you wish. For example you can send the signal for reamp from an analog source from de computer back to the kemper, but if you mantain only 1 conversion from analog to digital, it will maintain the original tone much better, that's the point...

    Yes but not in the Local Library so you can have two versions that differ if you want.

    I must be dumb, i still don't get it.

    There are only 2 locations when rigs are saved. The profiler itself and the computer local library. From the rig manager, you can tweak both locations. And from the kemper, you only can tweak the profiler libraries.

    In order to understand how this works I need to know 3 points.

    1 - FROM where are you tweaking it, Kemper or Rig Manager

    2 - The rig you are tweaking, is in local library or in the profiler?

    3 - Is the kemper connected to the computer at that precise moment? Is the Rig manager ON while kemper connected and are yu tweaking the kemper itself?

    Because to have 2 versions and 1 permanent, I don't know how to do. From where, to where, and if the kemper must be connected.

    To be able to do what you are suggesting, can you answer those question please? Thank you.

    The best thing for me would be to be able to disable the SYNC feature, because in my opinion makes things harder to understand and to manage. I only connect the kemper to my computer because it's easyer to edit and tweak the rigs, performances... FROM THE RIG MANAGER INTO THE PROFILER LIBRARY. But as far as I can see, I will have to rid of from the rig manager... :(

    there are two completely separate folders in RM Performances (and rig browser too) for the KPA and RM.

    if you save a profile in the “Local Library” folder it will be saved permanently no matter what you do on the KPA. However, if the file is n the “MyProfiler” folder it will sync automatically to the most recent version.

    it is common to have the master version saved in Local Library and a copy in the MyProfiler. You can now edit either without affecting the other. Once you are happy that you want to keep the changes you can manually ensure you have the correct one in both locations or have both versions in the Local Library in case you want a previous version again in future.

    Hello, thanks but I don't get how the syncking works.

    If I save a rig in "local folder", I make changes to that rig, and after I connect the kemper. The computer version is copied on the kemper automatically? On "My profiler" folder?


    I'm just having a hard headache trying to save my performances permanently in the kemper stage. For example, today this happened to me. I had 1 performance saved in kemper and in local (The exact copy), tweaked from rig manager. They were the same.

    Today, I spent a lot of time tweaking it to get the right sound out of it. I pushed the STORE button a lot of times to not lose any change in performance mode. Everything done directly in kemper without connecting it to the computer.

    After everything was saved, I connected the kemper to the computer (The kemper still was on performance mode). I selected the old performance on the rig manager just to see which were the changes I made to the original and voila! Automatically the old one passed to the kemper, at the same performance slot, losing the new one.

    Is this normal? I can't navigate throw the diferent rigs or performances while I have the kemper connected in performance mode? In my opinion this is very disappointing... Because this way the rigs or performances you select on rig manager while the kemper is in performance mode are automatically saved on the kemper and they overwrite anything you have at that moment in the kemper...

    I just want to make a performance PERMANENT for recording and for live use. And I don't like to use the Browser mode because I'm a man of a few rigs and I like simplicity. Performance mode is what I would like to use for everything.

    Any tips?

    Many thanks.

    I will post here a question instead of open a new thread. It's about the routing of the signal in order to record the analog guitar signal and the kemper processed one. I have 2 ways to do it and I don't know which one is the best.

    1 - Guitar connected into Kemper.

    -Kemper S/PDIF out into audio interface S/PDIF in for processed signal.

    -Kemper SEND1 with git Studio into interface analog1 input for analog guitar signal.

    2 - Guitar connected into Audio interface

    - Interface S/PDIF out into Kemper S/PDIF in (I have doubts with the levels of input gain and the output levels on the interface to send a kemper a good leveled dry guitar signal)

    - Kemper S/PDIF out into audio interface S/PDIF in for processed signal.

    I noticed the wave of the "git studio" from SEND1 in kemper is very low. Is this normal?


    The simpliest is the first way, but maybe for me is more convenient to tweak the audio interface and leave kemper alone. I don't know, what are your thoughts?


    today I got the Scarlett. I have everything working fine. Here are my settings:

    Make sure you have the sample rate the same as the kemper and sync source selected acordingly (the sourde is the KEMPER).

    In "Settings" I have 256 selected for the buffer.

    With ableton I use "Routing preset" -> DAW, in order to just listen the DAW output channels.

    Also, I have this inputs activated (I am using 6 channels on the scarlett mix control):

    If you have any questions tell me.


    I just use one spdif cable - out from the Kemper and in to the Focusrite.

    And this way, it is posible to send stereo effects to the audio interface?

    Thanks! Your issue sounds a LOT like what I'm dealing with. My Kemper sounds fantastic in EVERY other setting. Including when I record straight to our digital mixing board. So I know the issue isn't with the Kemper's sounds. It's somewhere after that. If you're willing to send your settings for the Scarlett, I'd certainly give that a shot. I will say, the Focusrite interface is anything but plug and play; it's a constant headache. So I'm guessing you're right, and my problem is in there somewhere. I'm not using Windows, I'm using a Mac, but again, I think the issue is the Scarlett 6i6.

    You are making me rethink into buying a scarlett 6i6... ?(

    Hello, I have almost the same setup as you.

    Im running the kemper thru a Focusrite saffire 6 usb. I have no spdif so I use 1 main output and the send output with "git studio" mode on the kemper. In order to record the amp and the plain guitar (for reamping).

    Check the kemper output settings. Today I noticed the spdif comes 44khz from factory, that, has to match with your daw frecuency. You can select it in output options. Also, in my kemper stage in the output section I have "pure cabinet" set to 3.0 (comes from factory by default). Maybe you want to change that. I am using 256kb buffer, and 0 latency, listening from the audio interface headphones.

    My idea ia to switch to scarlett 6i6 and use spdif to record. It will be interesting to see if the quality changes that much...


    PD: to conect via spdif, do you use 2 normal RCA cables?

    Hello everyone,

    I just began recording guitar tracks with the kemper stage. And now I noticed some parameters that made me think if I am doing it correctly...

    I am recording 2 tracks at a time. One is from the main output, and the second is from the SEND output, setted as "Git Studio". This way I have the amp sound recorded and a plain line level guitar signal, in case I need to reamp the track.

    Today, I was messing in the Output section. The "SPDIF clock" was setted as 44Khz, and I changed to 48Khz, the same clock as the focusrite audio interface I am using (I don't know if this parameter makes any difference, Am I using it?).

    The "Pure Cabinet" setting is setted with 3.0 by default. I actually like the sound of it, Im using a Marshall Super Lead and I kind of like the cabinet sound addon, but I don't know if it's ideal to record with this parameter on like this.

    Finally I have the "Space" parameter with "HeadphOnly" activated. But actually, this parameter changes the main output sound. I am listening directly from the audio interface and the sound comes from the main output of the kemper to the input of the interface, so no headphones connected to the kemper... Am I missing something?

    Thank you very much.

    Hello! You can't use the kemper as it was an axe. Axe is to tweak everything to achieve your sound. The kemper is much more straight fordward. The key is to find a good base sound, or a profile that sounds good without tweaking anything, and starting from that point, you can tweak small things to adapt it to your playing. My 2 cents.


    Just got a new kemper stage and the Lars Luettge pack which comes stock its really good.

    I am getting really nice tones with a 72 deluxe telecaster with wide range pickups.

    My fav profile is "100 mars SL 100 F". Good amount of distortion but not too much, and I love the pick atack feeling of the super lead. I didn't even tweak it yet.

    I just tried the hi gain stuff which comes stock on the stage but overall they are a bit muddy (Maybe is for the guitar). But for me, this pack works the best.

    So happy to achieve a sound that convinces me and covers my playing. :)


    I noticed an error on rig manager. If I have selected 1 profile on my Local Library, if I click "store rig", the "store rig in profiler" disapears. And the changes are save only in the LOCAL rig. Not in the profiler.

    Edit: I want to add a posible feature. I have all the profiles duplicated on the profiler and locally. It would be great to have a button like "SYNC" to synchronize a profile with the profiler (If i am tweaking it locally) or "SYNC" to local library (If i am tweaking it on the profiler section). Now I have to tweak the same profile multiple times If I want to save it in every location.

    Also, It would be great to tweak all the profiles you want locally, and just clicking one button, send all the changes to those profiles to the profiler.