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    The rubber feet underneath the Stage guarantee that there is sufficient airflow to cool the unit. If you take them off and place the Profiler flat on the surface you will block the vents on the bottom of the unit and risk to experience issues due to overheating.

    I noticed the vents under the stage. However, thats not a problem because the foam floor comes with a special layout and doesn't cover the vents part.

    I just created another thread with the question but... I will write here too.

    I bought the pack of thommann with the stage, the mission pedal and the case.

    Does anyone remove the stage and pedal rubber supports to put them inside the case? I notice they have better support without the stock rubber feet they have, but they are not tight inside the case if I remove them.

    I am thinking to put another layer of foam inside the case in order to use them with flat support and tight hold.


    my kemper stage arrived yesterday! It came with a hardcase and a mission expression pedal, like a pack.

    My doubt is, is it necesary to remove the kemper stage and mission pedal rubber supports in order to get a flat surface inside the case?

    I notice if I remove the rubber supports of both, the pedals feel more consistent, but if I close the case the things moves a little bit, it's not as tight as it is with rubber supports on.

    I've been thinking to put another layer of foam on the lower side of the case, to put both items flat and get a tight hold inside.

    Has anyone experienced the same thing?

    Thank you very much!


    I just purchased the kemper stage on thomann, just doesn't arrive it yet.

    I am so curious to try it, i've played blackface fenders, two rock amps, marshall JTM45s... kind of everything around there...

    I've always been sort of a "classic" amp guy, I like good versatile guitar tones. My main amp right now it's a réplica of an original PTP Marshall JTM45. I also have a cheap Jet City 100HDM with all the tubes changed (night and day change in tone from the factory stock tubes) and it does the work pretty well for some hard rock and metal tones.

    I've always chasing that "perfect" tone and I changed the amps so many times (The never end story, you will know :D). I think the versatility and convenience that kemper offers is unbeatable.

    I am also very interested to create my own profiles...

    So, I hope it arrives soon... I will be hanging around...