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    I’m going to be adding my Kemper Profiler stage into reverb here in a little bit. Just wanted to give this page a heads up if anyone is looking for one. Asking 1450 plus shipping. I’ll throw in the OwnHammer Heavy Hitters and any of the Profiles I acquired when purchasing. They include some Michael brit and Top Jimi packs.

    I’ve tried to add a handful of different ownhammer irs to my stage, with each only importing maybe 3 of the 20 I have on there. Here’s the steps I took

    1) I deleted all of the old ones off my profiler to make room

    2) Went into cab maker and went through the conversion stage and saved them to a shared folder on my usb

    3) Went to import files and it only would transfer 1-3 after the conversion would tell me I successfully uploaded 30 files

    I really hate the way you have to load impulses into this let me state. It’s so aggravating and kills any time I want to just try a different cab that I haven’t converted yet and or put on a jump drive. I was wondering if anyone else was running into these issues lately?

    So I recently acquired some new studio toys luckily right before quarantine but have some general questions.

    Right now I’m running two XLRs into the Apollo, bought an spdif cable but I need an adapter? What adapter would y’all recommend? The main question I have though is monitoring in stereo. It seems like one speaker is getting the majority of my sound. With the inputs, should I choose stereo then both mics and then pan them or keep them central? I feel like I’m doing something wrong but can’t quite figure it out.

    I’ve been using my profiler for about a month and I’ve just started to hear minor differences in the high gain stuff. I think your guitar and cab are gonna give a similar sound to each one. I’m running mine into a PowerCab and using the speaker normally, no fr mode, and I’ve noticed differences in the amps, it’s subtle but it’s there. My thought is most amps are modeled after modded boosted Marshall’s so they’ll all kinda sound the same anyways ??‍♂️

    Yea I’m running it flat, it seems like if I turn my master up on the unit it cleans up more then keeping both volumes low. I’m gonna keep tweaking around with this and see. I’m using the ownhammer heavy hitters and it seems to be clearing up a little bit

    Yea that makes sense. I never installed the control software since there’s no need for any drivers and at the time was just recording riffs through garage band. I’ll check it out and see if that fixes the issue.

    I recently just picked up my first stage profiler and I can’t be happier with it. I picked up a line 6 PowerCab plus and I’m on the fence with it. Clean tones are fantastic with this unit, however, the distorted tones all have this dullness that I can’t ever dial out. I’ve messed with the hf trim, low cuts and high cuts. Nothing. I want to hear y’all’s solution to this issue if anyone has come across this.

    When I first played on the profiler I was running into a 2x12 Gemini and that’s what made me love the Kemper. Would y’all suggest the 1x12 Gemini for home use over the PowerCab? I plan on using real cabs for live so would the better option be a good 2x12 instead? I’m so torn!!

    Lastly, when running into my Scarlett 2i2 the sound through my headphones are just absolutely terrible. It’s like the mids and highs got cranked and the bass just vanishes. When I record and listen back through my phone and just my generic iPhone headphones, it sounds great and how I expect that my guitars should sound? I have AKG headphones, nothing fancy but nothing super cheap. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues.