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    My Kemper goes through my M-audio Interface into my monitors. I have used the Kemper with out the interface before but it makes little difference. when using the Kemper with my studio headphones there is definitely a change in the sound. Its not necessarily a good or a bad change it just sounds different, Maybe a bit more present and clear with my own profiles but with the imported profiles it doesn't really help the tone much.

    I tend to always use the boosters when making my own profiles, however with the Imported profiles i still can't get close to what the YouTube demo's sound like.

    I've owned a Kemper stage for a few months now and recently decided to buy some profiles. More specifically the Top Jimi Kemper profiles as i was blown away from the demo's he had posted on YouTube, which was one of the leading factors in me buying a Kemper in the first place. I bought the Eddie Van Halen brown sound pack then followed all the instructions and imported all the profiles with relative ease but when got to actually playing though the profiles they sounded nothing like the demo's at all. They sounded really warm, much too warm to how i would normally have my amps sound and also there was a real lack of brightness and bite to the tone, just really dull sounding overall and nothing like the demo's on YouTube. I tried the profiles through all 17 of my guitars but still the same result. I've been trying to edit them as much as i can to get to sound more like the demo's but to no avail.

    Does anybody know what the problem is or have any suggestions?

    Much appreciated,