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    I am no profiling expert but earlier attempts to capture my amps were pretty lame. Fast forward a year or so I used a Suhr Reactive load (non IR) and ran the signal into a Focusrite 2i4 > Reaper > various IR's > back into the Kemper.

    Thought the captures came out pretty good really. I almost gave up on the Suhr but the Pete Thorn video stressed the use of a XLR - TRS balanced line - cable. I used the cable to get good IR tones (just amp into audio device then DAW). It was then I took it one step further and profiled a couple of amps with decent results.

    There should be some members here who can assist with your captures (notice IR's are used in their profiles). Wish I could help but as stated I am no profiling guru. Good luck!

    Are you using any of the beta releases? In my mind I experienced something a bit similar but with me could have been all in my head (meaning imagination). I set my sound settings to default (with a reset) and took a snap shot of that configuration.

    Unchecked beta releases which rolled back my Kemper to the official release. Turned some knobs and all has been fine since. Again could have been all in my head but worth a try (especially if betas are being used).

    There do not seem like other reports of this in the forum but worth a shot for piece of mind.

    Thanks Mookytc and Wheresthedug. The Reset System removed the excessive static hissing noise on the clean presents. Very happy with that! When I look at the settings, I don't see anything obvious that changed, but it did work.

    While testing, I checked out some of the very high gain factory presets. Is it normal for them to have excessive static hissing noises and the output light solid green when not playing? There is also a very distinct "tick, tick-tick" repeating sound across the very high gain factory presets. The ground switches don't appear to make any difference. It's not noticeable when playing. Again, this isn't a big concern for me, just wondering if something is still wrong.

    Regardless, it's doing what I need for the moment and I'm very happy with that. Thank you both.

    I love to spin knobs and tweak. Have messed up my settings numerous times so I take a snap shot of the good config and refer back to it when in default mode. Glad it worked out.

    Not sure about the ticking noise that is odd. Working at the moment but can dig in a little later.

    Believe this would do it:

    Reset System Settings

    Performing this action is not a full factory reset. Only the system settings will be erased, but all custom rigs will remain.

    1. Power off the unit.
    2. Hold the System key, then switch the amp to Tuner mode.
    3. While holding the System key, turn the unit back on.

    Sets all back to default. Take a snap shot of the output sections so you can return some settings you did not think about. I have done this a few times to start over from a settings perspective.

    I received this a few weeks ago after taking an update. In Windows I went to the device manager found the Kemper. Right clicked on it and updated driver. Rebooted all and everything was fine. Happened only once. All usually goes well with updates (knock on wood).

    Up until that point rebooting and re-installing rig manager did not resolve the issue.

    Ooh. Yeah, i'm grateful that mine is not a chronic issue. I have a thing where once a year or so, i'll just do something—nothing actually—and something will hurt like the dickens for a week, but not much more than that. The perils of aging. I might have just reached for a cup this time. Once, i just woke up like that. Once, it was a sneeze. Once, it was just stumbling as i put on my pants.... Ironically, for a 54-year old, i'm reasonably athletic and not in bad shape. But, some little innocuous twist will have me locked up for a week. I cannot imagine losing a year to this. Wow. You had to deal with painkillers, i'm assuming? Are you watching Dopesick? And the new season of Goliath is also about opioids and such....

    I'll PM not to sidetrack thread.

    Love when the man steps in to enlighten! Great support!

    For real...have the person massage the hand area and all the carpal points in wrists - forearms. Then to the shoulder area. That should starting relaxing things. You play later that day or next and it starts again but consistent treatment will help. Massage can be a little expensive though.

    My doctor (while working on my back) goes the extra mile and puts a splash of strong cbd lotion on my forearms. Rubs it in good, catch hands, and crack the fingers a bit. Once a week usually. Have had masseuse do similar with more finesse. It is very helpful in staying loose and avoid over use injury. Hope it is not too late to get relief. Good luck!