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    My initial reaction after the playing through the Kab for a while is one can get just about any profile sounding good using a Kabinet -with imprints. The Kab really accentuates the profiler's dials - sensitivity The Kab allows nuances of the sound to be heard which can again be dialed into to a nice tone. Some profiles require a bit more tweaking than others and moved the knobs according to my old ears rather than eyes.

    I like playing through a standard cab setup but gonna get the full Kabinet experience for a bit. I did not care for FRFR mode but have used it that way in an open Avatar 2x12 with Kones and be pleased. The 1x12 Kab is definitely a different experience Good stuff....

    Well the Kab arrived today. It's pretty killer seems like a perfect solution for this small room (13' x 9ish'). Tried all kinds of gear - setups over the last bunch of years. It may work better than DI into a loud 2x12.

    Using Thumas' SLO HR 100 profiles (M01 57+421) adjusting for my ears and went for Kone - imprints. Cycling through them. Bass boost is legit and welcome. Sounds really good. Might be a perfect solutions for my playing area. It is punchy...another winning piece of gear from Kemper.


    Saw him at the first Texxas Jam in '78 ($12, but it was an all day show), and even in an outdoor stadium setting it was loud. In fairness, so was Van Halen and everyone else. Fortunately, most of us had taken medication to avoid discomfort.

    Back in the late 70s I had an old brown face Fender Bandmaster 50 watt head that a friend had customized with a master volume. You dime those things and you will absolutely get rock and roll. In my case, since I was just a bar guy, I was able to dime it and then turn it down.

    It's been a while since I went fishing in Rig Manager, but I seem to recall references to "dimed" Fenders. That might be a couple of keywords to search for. And I would leave it open to Fenders of any description. What speaker cab, etc. will obviously have an effect but at it's heart a cranked Fender is its own thing.

    Wow VH at Texas Jam...I remember seeing AC/DC with Bon Scott for the first time not knowing a whole lot about them. Was not ready (no one was) for what took place when they hit that stage. VH must have been incredible at that show.

    Thanks for the Fender tip!

    Yes, it was, at even further out. It was the only time in my life @ approx 100 feet from the stage I had to cover my ears. He was playing "stacked" Twins at the time. And this was no small place and I have been to dozens of other concerts that were loud, but not Ted loud. Uncle Ted was the loudest by far that I have experienced, but watching him play his ass off was worth the $5.00 ticket (yea it was a while back). :D

    Magical times (and prices mentioned) those were as all the big bands of the era were touring seemingly not stop. I was thinking about the original post and not sure there is whole lot out there for pushed twin profiles? Could be mistaken but if anyone knows of any please post.

    I tried headphones and briefly through a cab. Houses are tight here (been hot with windows open) and try to be good neighbor. No one needs to hear my 1976 flashbacks while they try to relax and enjoy their yard. Once the weather cools off in a bit will give them a good test through Kabinet - Kones and my other cabs.

    The profiles have a nice thump to them. Lots of gain on hand.

    Have had hearing damage - loss since seeing him with the original solo line up back in the 70's. On the floor straight from stage was painful. Good stuff :P like getting dropped on your head at birth in a good way.

    Haven't tried an open back cab.

    I did buy a Kone and got a local builder to clone my Kabinet which came out great.

    It occurs to me that if you did buy a Kabinet and didn't like it you could probably flip it for almost no loss. It really is good IMHO.

    Well a Kabinet should be on the way soon. Ordered one in the wee hours just because I had to test. :S

    I have two Kones in an Avatar open 2 x12. Curious how much difference an actual Kemper cab with Kone would sound? Take the extra speaker out of the equation. Does the closed back, specialty designed cab change or "sweeten" the tone?

    Would love to try one but hate to burn almost $500. USD on the hardware (and not receive much benefit - value).

    Tried out a couple packs last night (MB Mark III and TC-50). Those along with the free samples sound pretty tasty (using Grado Labs headphones). Came home from work and went pretty much crazy filling the cart to the brim. Couldn't afford them but couldn't resist. Appreciate the discount and look forward to plugging in tonight.