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    Appreciate the tip! I would have never gotten this creative with the signal chain. Ironic we are getting the first stretch of warm weather here after a cool spring season. Soon it will be summer and I do not have central air conditioning. The upstairs gets jungle hot so the windows are open.

    The retired neighbors don't need to hear my 1976 flashbacks so I often use headphones. I just dropped in a eleven eleven studio rig exchange Wizard MTL profile to check out gain through the cans. At the lower volume some frequencies are just not alive. Put the treble booster and tweaked the knobs it was quite good.

    Have a feeling thought there will be some hurting ears in the morning through out the season but this trick is gonna come in handy!


    Funny things is I have gone back and checked my created profiles. While the sound is not always good through studio monitors, kones., frfr they all sound real good through a standard guitar cab (with various speaker combos). Pleased with that so guess it all roles up to thing about the Profiler.

    Many ways to use it as a player and one should be able to find their sweet spot with it (spending enough time doing the experimentation).

    Thanks for the inspiration with this post Texhex (and Wheresthedug as well)! Profiled an amp using my Captor and thought it sounded good. Raised the volume a bit coming (out of the DI). Used the method that Wheresthedug mentioned but the Captor was involved non the less . It is in the wee hours here and the hours have gone by. If it sounds good tomorrow I will be satisfied.

    Off topic do you hang around the Your name and avatar look familiar. Spoke with a fellow down in Texas regarding a Mark V a while ago at the site.

    Hoping for good tone tomorrow.

    I need profile school. Have a Captor and Countryman Type 85 DI devices. My results have been so so. Been trying to capture Direct Amp and Texhex's method. Borrowed an SM57 from a work mate for a weekend as well.

    There are videos out there but would love to sit in a room with someone who gets nice captures to really check out their technique. Mine are ok but do not match the quality of the amps being profiled. I use pro or free ones from the community and some are just so good. :|

    Solid post....watched a good video the other day which explained the different frequencies and where changes can be made. Definitely got me headed in the right direction.

    this shouldn’t be a surprise as the speaker affects the tone of any rig and some amps sond better with one speaker than another. A Vox profile tends to sound good with the Celestion Blue imprint as that is the typical Vox sound we are all accustomed to hearing. Now play the same profile through a V30 and it not sound as good. A good test is to compare the imprint of the same speaker as was used in the original rig (normally detailed in the inspector meta tags).

    now that you can save different imprints for each rig it should be possible to get the Kone to sound great with every rig.

    True regarding speakers and I tend to do that. My words may have been confusing and referred to some profiles do not sound good to me any imprint (not just matching to its real world counterpart). It seems imprints are the reason for the Kones I am have great success using cabs associated with various profiles. Happy about that and if an imprint sounds good or better it is a bonus.

    Hello...last night upgraded my OS and Rig Manager to the latest and greatest. I finally has some good success using imprints. Went down my "tree" of profiles with RM and loaded various British flavored tones through my playing session.

    Would say at least 3/4's of them sounded good with an imprint with just a few that were kind of blah (that could be just profile related as it may just not be that good of one). Noticed this twice where I would have the cabinet off to enable to imprint, however was not see the imprint when clicking on the cab or hear it when playing (tone was scratchy and missing some type of speaker sound). Reads confusing but I attached screen captures of an imprint working then setting when it did not work.

    One profile was direct capture I profile and another was a commercially release merged profile with cab off to enable imprint. Curious why I could not get an imprint to load for a couple of profiles?

    thanks for your review buddy. I found the same thing with the imprints. 3-4 not so good profiles for every 1 good profile with imprints enabled. I’m happiest when running the Kones as “frfr”, which is the Kone enabled but with the cab sim turned off. “Monitor cab off “ selected. Then I usually run the “sweetening” around 5.0. I play high gain in D standard tuning for what it’s worth and the Kones appear to handle the low end well. I have 2 Kones installed in a custom closed back Mojotone 2x12. One thing I’ll note is the sound is nowhere near as good as it is through my Yamaha hs8 monitors but it is good nonetheless.

    Nice...I wonder if the FX-1200's would work for you although they seem very "boomy" in regards to bass (though that could have something to do with the cab and choice of guitar). You could be fighting to tame that the whole time. Glad you are happy with your Kone set up.

    Well won't be the most detailed comparison but have spent the last few days with the Kones (2 into an open back Avatar 2 x 12). I absolutely love the tone that I have been hearing. Getting the use of out of them that I had in mind when purchased. I can leave a profile cab on taking advantage of a mic'd cab. Have had good luck with using IR's from my collection as well in various situations. They can pushed volume wise but they are easy for me to control getting a nice balance in my at home playing room (between volume and good tone). Very little profile tweaking is needed to get things right as well.

    One thing that escapes me is the imprint feature. For every profile that sounds good one on the imprints 3 or 4 will not sound good (meaning better with the included cab or IR's of my choice). For me that is not a big deal as there are no issue being happy with the way I am using the Kones as mentioned in the first paragraph. Thinking the first few days I had the Kones they were good but when I came back to them did not have them set properly in the output section ( I will jump from studio monitors, other cabs depending on mood - situation and may have forgot to enable the Kone button). Thinking the Kones will be my preferred playing method going forward.

    The FX-1200 sound a bit more neutral or flat to me and its seems I have to tweak the profile a bit more to get happier with what I am hearing. I often feel the sound is ok but not totally satisfied with the results. The speaker does seem to have the ability to get pushed with some good volume but again for me the Kones just seem to work real well with Profiler.

    that’s strange

    it should definitely be a speaker cable going from the amp being profiled to input of the DI.

    I doubt if you will run into any problems using an instrument cable just to run the profiling noises as you probably aren’t running enough signal for long enough to do any damage but I wouldn’t risk it myself.

    I thought it was a bit odd. All seems to be working good though after the fact.