Looking for preamp profiles

  • Finally tried some preamp profiles and running them in loop of my mesa mark 3, very fun!
    Found a few good ones at exchange, also have kempers rig pack, but looking for more ;)
    Anyone made some and want to share?
    Mostly interested in high gain stuff.

  • Pbull pre ld 11, e670 pre 3 hg 07 and invader pre 2 hg 07 sounds great through my mesa and rectifier 2x12.

    Also like jevo's engl blackmore and engl 530 (without ts and lowered gain) from rig exchange.
    Bruno has a Cae 3+Suhr-2:50 ch3 on exchange that sounded great, (there is 2 on exchange with same name, don't know which one it was)