Where to start with high gain rigs?

  • the first thing i did with it was put on my sennheiser 280 pro headphones and just casually browsed through the stock rigs, and I definitely wasn't blown away by most of the high-gain stuff. but i was impressed by the quality of the sound for many of the rigs.

    i find usually a cab change really opens up the high-gain amp profiles. See that other thread that was linked earlier in this one and follow the advice about lasse and tills cabs. for tills, I recommend trying out the TillS Recto 055, 056, 059, 063, and 066. Those seem to have a bit more SM 57 in the mix and more crispy goodness. If the low mids seem a bit too round and dull, try turning the Low Shift parameter down to -0.2 or -0.4 - this pushes the low-end resonance down so that you can't really hear it and the tone gets more crispy.

  • yeah - and a couple weird things - the rig exchange has lots of individual profiles but no packs - TillS cabinet pack is downloadable from a zip file linked in a thread on this forum - do a search or see the thread linked earlier in this thread. the official rig packs are available from the kemper-amps.com support page

  • If anyones willing to take a listen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0qmdm6fzqmqzjg/test.zip

    In there theres a 10 second clip of something i did with my vamp, and something else i've just done with one of JEVO's savage profiles. The Kemper record sounds fizzy, thin, basically like its been recorded badly to my ears? Vamp sounds FULLER, although not "great" at the same time.

  • Yeah, I prefer the Kemper over the V-amp as well. And I'm not saying so just because I'm partial. :D

    The V-Amp tone has much more mids which makes it a bit honky in comparison, the Kemper tone sits much better in the mix.

    Maybe it's just the classic case of needing to get used to and adjusting your ears to new equipment? Try recording with the Kemper for a few weeks without touching your V-amp and see if you still prefer your old tone after that?

  • How about these from the rig exchange?

    • Tapp Iratus/Tapp Marzian (EdwardPayne http://www.metallfabriken.se/downloads)
    • TECKS*MUSIC 6505+ (Tecks)
    • RED 5153 OD8 (Moss)
    • SAVAGE2 + TillS Recto Cab 009 (nakedzen)
    • Retrospect (Keith Merrow)
    • RebornRectoOrange (Fluff)
    • 6505+ LEAD with TS (Dirk Gooding)
    • Bulb Rhythm Patch Peavey 6505 4 X 12 German/Citrus (Justin)
    • Ola Mr Hector SM57 Laboga Mr Hector Marshall JCM800 Lead (Ola Englund)
    • Diezel Hagen CH3 and CH4 (Cameron)
    • DvMark Triple6 (Ola Englund)
    • Rectifier scooped 3 (nakedzen)
    • Randall RG100es 2 (Vellu)
    • Mesa Mk3 Marsh3 EQ (Thumas)
    • VH4 Channel 3 + TS (Dirk Gooding)
    • Loomis 5150 III (Keith Merrow)
    • Rectifier scooped 4 (nakedzen)
    • Bogner XTC Green Channel (Andy's Bogner XTC Green Channel)
    • Fluff Rev1 (Fluff)
    • Fluff Jim Root (Fluff)
    • Fluff Colossus (Fluff)
    • Rect Modern (Simon Dorn)
    • Lasse Lammert Pack
    • Ola pack
    • Kosten/Vihreff Packs
  • This is the correct answer. :)

    This has been the case for me for quite a few new amps. At first I'm all "this amp sucks, it doesn't cut through the mix at all". Then later I've come to realize that I was trying to listen to the frequency my old amp cut through on, and with the new one that informatiuon just wasn't there, but on a different spot in the band mix. Once I got adjusted to that the amp "started" to cut through just fine. :D

  • I think you really have to get used to the sound of an microphoned amp listing through a pair of good monitors. It is nearly spoton a really professional sound.
    I had the axefx first and send it back because my ear wasn't trained as it is now and I dont want to say that it is the best right now but at least it is much better.

    I also realised the great sound of the kemper after listening to the stems of my band which we recorded in a professional studio. It doesn't sound that different. Maybe a little bit better for my taste ;)

    So hopefully you can play around with your Kemper for some more time.

  • I listened to the clips you recorded and to my ears the Kemper clip sound worlds better than the V-Amp. It sound just like I would a professionally recorded guitar expect to sound like. The V-Amp has a lot of unnatural harshness, fizz and boominess.

    I think using the V-Amp somehow spoiled your ears in a bad way just like cheap Hifi stuff does very often (loudness "feature", boosting lows and highs unnaturally etc.) May try to put away both units for a day or two and only listen to some of your favorite music. Then take the Kemper and see how you feel about it then.
    Human ears are a very tricky "thing" and can easily distracted and fooled

  • M-Audio BX5a

    In my experience, the better the monitoring setup - the better the Profiler sounds.
    I have no experience with the monitors you mention, but at ~180 EUR/pair (!) these could be the weak link here and have trouble reproducing the Profilers sound. Not just frequency-wise, but also dynamically, transients, etc.

    just listened to you test exsamples and the Profiler sounds much, much better.

    Could it be you're no longer familiar with the sound of a tube amp? (no offense)

    good playing btw. :)

  • Yeah, I noticed that, but I was more or less responding to the claim that the entire line is cheap garbage. That's not the case.

    A friend of mine has the 5" and as expected they push less bass, but they do not sound thin.

    Also, keep in mind the OP is claiming the V-Amp does not sound thin through the same monitors.

    My advice to the OP is to reduce the Definition parameter in the amp profiles and/or try to pre-EQ the tone to make it a little fatter. A lot of the high-gain tones, especially Keith Merrow and Ola Englund's, have strong upper-midrange boosts that can make them sound very focused. They sound good (but still have too much bite IMO) on my darker, 8-string guitar, but have way too much bite for my other guitar. But a little tweaking makes them less sharp and more natural-sounding. Keep in mind that's just Keith and Ola's preferred tone. There are plenty of other high-gain rigs that are more open and fat.