TAF Marshall pack - Which speakers used exactly?

  • Does anybody know, which speakers where exactly used in the TAF Marshall pack?

    The Readme says cabs with GH25/GH30/V30, but I can't find any info on the web about the GH25. Does anybody know, which speaker that is exactly or by what is was replaced (assumed that it is an old vintage type)?

    The rigs with Cab 1 (GH25) simply blow me away. I have owned a Marshall 4x12 with GT12-75 for a long time but never really liked it, somehow something is always missing for me. So I bought a H&K 4x12 with V30 some years ago, which I like even less. Too dark and dull for my taste. I built a 2x12 by myself and put two of the V30 in it, but still not what I'm after.

    So, if I could find these GH25 for my 2x12 in conjunction with the Kemper and my CLR wedge, I might after more than 30 years have found my Holy Grail :P

  • Andy's tags are sometimes a bit messed up, but I'm pretty sure the full name of the speaker in question is Celestion G12M25.

    That speaker is what is mostly referred to as "Greenback" and came out in the early 60s I think. When Marshall 100 Watt stacks became popular Celestion made a 30 Watt version as well, which was called G12H30 and is as legendary as the 25 Watter. Both speakers have a green dustcap on the back hence both are rightfully called "Greenback". Both do sound quite different though.

    The nice thing about Andy's Marshall pack is you get both speakers to choose and additionally V30s, which I personally hate and never use ;)

    The M25 and H30 are still available from celestion today, but they are now made in China I think and many people think they don't sound that good anymore. Celestion has an "Heritage" line with very good reissues of their legendary speakers and those are still made in England. Unfortunately only the H30 is available from this series and as I already said, those sound quite different. I have one in my Laney Lionheart combo and it is a great speaker that after a break-in period sounds pretty close to old examples that I have heard.

    I can't comment on the 25 Watters though since they are only available as Chinese models and I have never heard them in person.

    As far as to which years the speakers were that Andy used, I'm pretty sure they were Pre-Rolas (I think he mentioned it back then). Pre-Rola means they were manufactured before Rola aquired the Celestion company. So my bet would be Andy used vintage G12M25s probably from the 60s or very early 70s.

    If you are after that sound, you could try to find some speaker from the 70s when they changed the color of the dustcap to creme (so people call them cremebacks) But always make sure you are looking at a 25 Watter. I think in the 80s they were doing them in green again and while still being produced in England they could be very decent speakers as well. Vintage gear nuts might think different and that's why they coined the term "Pre-Rola" but it might be worth a look.

    There are also boutique vendors like Scumback and Weber who have their own turn on a 25 Watter Greenback. Those can be had new and might also be an option for you.

  • Hell yeah, thats common.. sometimes you can ignore my tags..too many to sit and adjust in studio.. especially in the middle of being creative!... - my mind set is.. I'll adjust it later. then either forget.. or faced with 300 profiles to rename...yikes!.. I'll await an editor... although I do try and do things as soon as.... but sometimes when ya in the flow...so its possible, defiantly possible :)

    The speakers are pre-rola I got them from a vintage dealer some years back. straight 1972 (I think) 4x12, cab does NOT look pretty but sounds great!..the nickname Greens is more of the common word for these.. as they have a "greenback" to them G12M25. I just call them G25 greens normally in my tags. Celestions modern day replica, is not the same. they don't offer as much mid range push, and the lows are a bit flabby. - what can I say.. I love vintage stuff.. the more used the better I say!..(that doesnt apply to girls though)

    You can get them on ebay.. and from some vintage dealers, but they can be pricy..

    Oh and a note on V30's, normally I wont automatically associate Marshall amps with V30's, sometimes (depending) what your doing it can be a great pairing. but Marshall's tend to be a bit mid range heavy in design anyway.. add that to the already midrange hump/honk from v30's...I added it here, because I know a lot of players like the V30/Marshall matchup.

  • Hey guys,

    thanks for your detailed answers, really appreciated.

    Now I know I have to go after that vintage G12M25 stuff ;( (starting to save big amount of money again). But hey: As long as I use Andy's rigs with my CLR, I have them speakers at my hand :D

    About that vintage stuff: Some is good, some ain't. I own a 1960 Strat and really really love it, but I also have a 1974 Telecaster Custom I found rather cheap some years ago, and it can only serve me as wall decoration.

    Of course, talking about girls in that context: Vintage is not AAA here. Although, I even remember older women, that ... naaah, let's stop here :whistling: (Hopefully we have only male Kemper users around here)

  • ....YEs that's true to a degree, not _ALL_ vintage is great.. although many years ago.. I used to purposely search for carboot/yard sales. its amazing some of the things you find here at crazy prices.. as some people have NO idea of the cost they are worth!.. although I never managed to get anything decent really... but I know people that have picked up ultimate gear, from real early fender/gibsons to old fender tweeds at less than $10..

    Oh I wish sometimes that could be me!.. but never was! grrr

    old women... on the otherhand....well.......