Space parameter OS 2.3, not useful anymore for my use

  • Hi Kemper team,

    I believe that the changes of space parameter is a good thing for a lot of guitarists.

    The problem is that now this effect has become a crucial part of my recording tones. Brings to my tone more life... I love it

    The problem is now the options available in OS2.3 are problematic for me.

    In fact, I never use the kemper headphones output : I connect my kemper via Spdif to my Roland Quad-Capture and plug my headphones to the headphone output of the Quad capture.

    In this case, to get the space parameter in SPDIF outputs, I have to put it in the stomp slots, and all my stomp slots are already busy :( ...

    Could it be possible to have in the output section 2 options for space Parameter : headphones or all outputs ?

    In this case, everyone would be happy, the best of both worlds. Sometimes, an evolution is better than a revolution ;)

    For the moment, I stay at 2.21 because of this. I will perhaps go to 2.3 to parameter all my rigs with the rig manager, then go back to 2.21.

  • why is ck so still? no replies of the whole troubles from kpa team.

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