A Hundred Empty Profiles

  • The first 120 or so profiles in my kemper are empty and don't seem to correspond to anything. They just show as blank spaces in the browser and are counted in the total number of rigs on the KPA itself. The rig manager though doesn't see them at all and shows the proper total number of rigs. Any idea what caused these in the first place or how I get rid of them?


  • That's weird.
    I assume you could delete them manually, but before you do you should make a backup and send it to support opening a ticket.

    Thanks, deleting 120 profiles one by one is quite time consuming. Wish there was a way to multi-select profiles right on the KPA.

  • I'm not sure how the blank profiles are tagged, but you can use the views to delete groups of profiles. For example, if they are not your favorites and everything else is, you can delete all the rigs that are not your favorites. I don't recall what all the different options are, because that favorites one is the only one I use frequently (love it for cleaning house) but if you scan through the options you may find one that gets most of them in one pass.