Kemper Poweramp Watt question

  • I want to connect my Kemper Powerhead with a passive FRFR cabinet.

    The Kemper specs. state: 600W at 8 Ohm, 300W at 16 Ohm

    What Watt limit shall a cabinet really have. My gut feeling was "Well...if the cabinet has 8 Ohm it should be able to handle 600W in order to survive peaks from the Kemper".

    Is that true?

    For example:
    The Matrix Q12 (passive) has 8 Ohm and has 260W RMS
    Atomic CLR (passive) has 8 Ohm and has 500W

    So...just looking at the specs there does not seem to be a passive FRFR cabinet that can handle the 600W from the Kemper (all cranked up).

    Or is my assumption totally wrong...?

  • The bad news: 600 W is the average power, peaks may be much higher.
    The good news: in normal use the output is much lower than the nominal value.

    You are right tho, the lower the loudspeaker's nominal power, the more risky the use at high volumes.

    Keep in mind that clean sounds have much more impulsive power than distorted ones.

    As for cabinets, the CLR is pretty close and should be safe.


  • Here's the answer from the Matrix Amplification Q12 user manual.
    For solid state amps they recommand 200-520W to drive their 260W (RMS!) passive cabinet.
    As I will never go past the 80% with the Kemper should be safe.
    G66 told me they have many Kemper users w/o issues...

    I will get my Matrix test unit today. Hopefully it does not blow up ;)

    [Blocked Image:]