MBritt profiles good for PRS?

  • Hi all,

    I am very attracted by MBritt profiles but I noticed most of them were profiled using P90 pu. I am just worried the medium/high gain profiles might be too muddy with my PRS custom 24.
    I play mainly classic rock (79/80/90's).
    Which pack would you suggest? and what should I change in the input/output/EQ kemper section not to have a muddy sound in case?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


  • I use Gibsons with humbuckers (ES-345, SG) and the MBrit profiles work very well for me. I'm really digging the BOC pack, particularly the 65 London. I generally go for a 70's rock sound, in the Marshall 2203 vein. The London seems to be the best of Vox and Marshall to me, without some of the spitty fizz that an over-cranked vox can generate.

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  • I use a PRS CE24 with MBritt pack two, and it's the best profiles I've used yet (it's the only MBritt pack I've bought so far...but interested in the BOC and pack 1 too). I primarily play edge of breakup, and the Divided by 13 FTR, Vox, Morgan CM50, and Marshall SL are all a great fit with the PRS. I played live last weekend out of a high end PA system and did zero eqing and used all MBritt and Tonehawk profiles with the PRS.

  • FYI. All My profile packs (http://www.fdprofiles.com) are made using PRS guitars. I use a McCarty with 57/08 and sometimes a Custom 22 to refine the profiles. Then I test every profile in both single coil and humbucker settings. After I made a series of profiles I start testing with a Les Paul and Strat. But never had any profile sounding good with PRS that sounded bad with other guitars.