Adding bought Kemper Profiles for the first time

  • Ok, so i read on how to update to Kemper OS 3.3.
    I was successful at doing that. Yah!

    I purchased 4 of Michael Britt's Kemper Profiles Packs.
    I loaded his D100 Pack so far into my Kemper . Yay!

    I just found out about Guido, and i got one of his
    Kemper Profiles. Yah!

    My Kemper NewB question today is, since i'm learning to
    add new commercial profiles, 1) can i add the others i bought
    with the same procedure, OR am i gonna lose those profiles, as i add new ones
    that i bought from MBrittt, and Guido?

    I haven't yet learned how to add them as 'favorites'.
    I have been reading about Rig Manager, and would like to a clean Rig manager s i can add these MB, and Guido profiles
    as a start to building a few key profile sounds.

    Newbie here is uncertain. :/

    Thanks in advance for any n all help!


  • You can add in the new profiles using the same method you used to add the others. There are a couple of ways to add them as favorites, but for me, the easiest way to manage everything has been to just do it all in Rig Manager.

  • I'd suggest you add all profiles via Rig Manager. create a folder for every pack you buy and try'em out and then drag and drop only the ones you're going to use over to the Kemper.

  • I create folders of the amps in RM and drag the profiles in to there. I then drag the profiles I want to my KPA :) IMO I think this is the quickest and most organised way of doing it


    So if u have a pack of say 30 amplifiers, then you make a folder for each and every one, am i understanding correctly???

  • I'm probably in the minority here, but I just dump ALL of my profiles into one giant folder in my local library. Then in Rig Manager, I went through them all and edited their info so that I can sort them or search for exactly what I'm looking for. So if I'm looking for a Marshall JCM800, I can just type in JCM800, and all profiles that have a JCM800 associated with it, appear in the main window.

  • yeah OhG, that's what i was doing,'s all good, bro .

    I'd rather have this than one amp, that sounds different in every room, changing tubes, bias, etc. etc. etc.

    Like most, we're just learning something new all the time about the KPA/RM, and to me that's not a hassle, but exciting of the unit's
    constant sound~colors, design, and all. :)