Morphing on/off via MIDI with rise/fall time

  • I'd like to be able to switch Morphing on/off via MIDI with rise and fall time.

    Rise Time and Fall Time only apply, if a button is used to switch Morphing on/off. These could be - the Remote's buttons 1-5 - another momentary switch connected to Profiler or Remote- Soft Button 4 "Morph" on Page 5 in Rig Menu- the Quick Button, if function "Morph" is assigned to it.MIDI CC#11 is a continious controller, so this is for a pedal to control Morphing continuously. Therefor Rise Time and Fall Time don't apply.

  • You can already. When you send CC #11 as a 0 or 127 it will morph to default or morphed state, respectively, along with the Rise and Fall time applied. I built a MIDI controller and know for a fact that it works unless it was broken in the latest BETA.

    The Rise and Fall time do not apply ONLY if you are sending CC #11 as a continuous controller value (i.e. between 0 and 127) with and expression pedal.