• ok, so i feel like a first grader, that is trying to learn from an awesome group of grad students from Kemper University! ;oD

    My question involves using the Kemper Outputs with my 12ch rack line mixer for live use, and mostly for home use as eventually want to record with the Kemper. :

    A) Which Outputs of the KPA to take to my 1p 12ch Rack mixer? And do i need this mixer with all the 'Kemper programing power-i see some of you using various types of mixers, too.

    B) Which rear KPA outputs to take to a rear rack panel?

    kind reguards,


  • What else is the rack mixer for in the live format?

    I just did my first KPA gig, I used the main outs to the desk, and I used monitor out to my amp.

    Back home I still use the main outs to my studio desk.

    No Gain - No Pain.... :D

  • thankU, spark240, i hope to send Kemper outs to FOH, and some dry type of signal, giving the sound engineer 'too much' control over what i hear back-also i''d like to send out of the Kemper so i can do my own monitoring, mixing it with what the monitor mix desk sends me (trust issues there) haha

    also, i would add an mp3 player that i can play along with with my Kemper while i am waiting to go on, getting blasted with loud/other music etc that goes on. Taking my focus off of the material that i am to perform...just to name a few reasons as to what i'm hoping to accomplish.

  • Hi, well there are others here that will give you good advice on that but I suspect you can -

    Main outs to the FOH, plus a direct signal ( set correctly in KPA),

    Monitor out ( unlink from main out in KPA menu) to your on stage amp.

    Aux in for your mp3.

    No Gain - No Pain.... :D