'DELETE ALL BUT FAVORITES' question, please

  • Should i use 'DELETE ALL BUT FAVORITES', IF I currently have 180-some Profiles in my 'favorites'
    AND Do i want to if i just upgraded to OS 4.0.1???
    (i read where doing so may make the Kemper faster/work smoother etc.)


  • thanks, Ingolf~not that i know or understand how to do so~but i just saw a thread here with the new delays...so now i'm thinking maybe i shouldn't delete until i know better how to do so!?!

    i'm just starting to learn something ON the KPA, then BAM 'I KNOW NOTHING!' ;OP

  • thanks viabcroce,

    i edited my post to be friendly, kind, respectful, and to stay in the forums good graces.
    After searching for what you said to read, i want to say thank you for taking the time and effort to write the tutorial.
    i wish i would have known about that , when i first got my Kemper last year!
    (is it a 'sticky' that i somehow missed?)

    thank you, viabcroce, Kemper staff, and all on this great & wonderful forum!

    Kemper on everyone!

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  • Hold The Line zamar! Love Isn't Always On Time* (cit) :)

    If you are new to the Profiler feel free to check the tutorial for first use in one of my own last threads.

    PS: *Still in my Quotation Period 8)

  • Don't delete - save it at Rig manager. ;)
    The Rig manager is a Programm you can download at Kempers support page.
    Its a great tool to manage your Rigs. You can make subdirectories to make a structure for all gathered sound you have.

    My advise would be to keep at the Kemper only that Profiles you really need .
    The other you can call easy with the rig manager.

    The update to 4.01. has nothing to do with your Profiles - they will be converted automatically.
    Just the delays will be renamed, because in the new version there exist now only one type of delay which can do all what the older delays could do before. (see Dokumentation)
    Be aware for the new Beta version you also have to install the last version of Rigmanager.

    The 4.01.... is a Beta Version. So if you do not need it and do not feel yourself so familiar with the Kemper. it would be maybe a good idea to wait for the final Version.

  • thank u very much, Sharry [cue lightbulb over me head!] haha
    So, i could keep all those profiles in RM?

    Yes, i agree with ur advice to keep what i really need.
    (ex. i purchased some MBritt profiles), and loaded them into:
    a) my computer
    b) a 'clean' usb stick formatted for the KPA
    c) imported them into my KPA, and saved them into my 'favorites'
    d) also backed them up to my DropBox account
    e) my computer is connected by usb to my Kemper (thousands of rigs in RM folder. I made other folders for mbritt, favorites, etc.)
    f) i'm running OS 4.01 beta

    so, i feel good about learning how to do, and accomplishing those tasks.
    I need to read and work with RM to understand it's workings, etc.
    Just learning the Kemper terminology, and ins and outs of the working process.
    I should make myself a 'Kemper Glossary of Terms' as a reminder to self! ;oD

    thank u, Sharry!

  • After searching for what you said to read, i want to say thank you for taking the time and effort to write the tutorial.
    i wish i would have known about that , when i first got my Kemper last year!
    (is it a 'sticky' that i somehow missed?)

    No, Kemper did not stick it. Sharry did it tho (check his signature! :thumbup: )!

    It definitely took far less than compiling the wiKPA :D

  • viabcroce,

    u mmade me re-think the way i was approaching trying to learn this magnicifent musical masterpiece.

    so, today instead of big , thick,, Kemper manuals...i'm just gonna print the OS i have on my Kemper (OS 4.01),
    and instead of having another big thick manual for RM, i am going to attack printing, reading, and learning just the latest RM version (i.5.40)

    thus , i'll have 2 thin folders, with the latest to learn.
    Should i refer to the 'user manual' also, AND i have taken a more indepth look at the Kemper home page, where there is loads of info, videos, etc.

    me thinks that while i'm trying to learn the concepts, i'm 'over thinking' and making it more difficult than it really is! ;op
    i'll take any other adive from u or otherrs here, as this is 'my Kemper family' whom i am honored to be acquainted with.


  • thanks Ingolf , things are starting to make sense to me slowly, and with repeated repetition.
    i'm having fun learning , and setting up the Kemper , and RM ... making some sense
    slowly to me, but i AM 'progressing'!
    (as 'they' say,'if it wasn't hard/difficult, then EVERYONE would be doing it)
    ex. i have an acquaintance who bought a Kemper, tried it for a week or less, promptly returned it, and complained profusely to a friend who has one, but this guy constantly complains, cuz he didn't receive 'instant gratification' with his minimal effort...Fine for him, but that doesn't mean that i'm gonna give up, complain, or take 'the easy way'.
    i see a long term relationship with my Kemper , it's endless possibilities, and updates which are wonderful, and freely provided (to us reg. users) engineered, and supported.
    i am very thankful for the Kemper, and all those intelligent ppl involved thru Kemper, this forum, info, videos, tutorials etc,etc etc.

    All that long rant in saying that,...i'm NOT giving up, e v e r ! ;oD

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  • slowly to me, but i AM 'progressing'!

    Well, it is a exponential curve. At beginning steep than getting flatter.
    But you never reach the status to know everything :/

    For me It tooks 3 weeks to be able to use the Kemper at rehearsal and almost 2 month to have all Profiles I need for the first GIG.
    Rome was not built in 1 day :)

  • yes, Sharry, it's a daily 'learn something new'...as those of us who taught ourselves guitar, or learning to read music.

    i for one, am very happy to know that i will never know everything with this piece of musical art, cuz  it's ever evolving, and updating, and changing. Which, i LOVE!

    That's why , when i asked a store if they sold Kemper, and the 'salesman' tried to talk me into another product that 'he' thought was easier to 'learn for guitarist's'!

    i know, as little as i know about the Kemper, i can do more than if i bought his 'suggestion', which i found out that they were JUST visited by that product's rep firm . i know how some sales dudes work, and IF; they get 'spiffs' or $$ for selling that particular product. i bought from the authorized dealer, ... BUT NOT from HIM!

    I like Macs, and even though most of my music friends have 'em, i personally like the flexibility of a PC, even though it may not be 'easier' for me. A daily learning challenge., which i am cool with.

    ThankU Sharry, for having the dropbox link in ur signature,...every little bit of knowledge helps! :^D


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  • I don't have extensive experience with all the other medium-to-big boys in the party, but it's hard for me to believe that, profiling apart, a modeller can be easier to use than a Profiler without being extremely more limited in features.

    I mean OK, a Pandora is probably easier to use... :thumbdown: