Option to set a single expression pedal as #1, #2, #3...

  • This is an idea I got from the Helix: you can determine through a switch whether a single exp. pedal works as #1 or #2.
    It would be great if we could devote one or more switches to change an expression pedal's ID# so that it starts working according to the settings we've defined in the system menu for the various, possible pedals. This would be of help for those with only one or two pedals and wanting to control many things with them at the same time.
    The currently active pedal would mimic another pedal's settings, and inherit it's characteristics as per said settings.
    This would be very versatile IMO.

  • Doesn't it already work that way? Pedal functions are assigned with virtual switches in the Pedal Setup menu. I use one pedal, and can use it as a wah, morph, or pitch pedal. If I wanted to use it as a volume pedal, I could do that, too. (And, needless to day, Morph lets a pedal control one or many parameters at the same time)

    Other people use two, three, or four pedals.

    And, to quote the Manual : "The link settings are global, so you don’t have to reprogram your Rigs individually. You can decide spontaneously, from gig to gig, how many pedals you want to carry"

  • No, I don't think so.
    You can not decide via a switch whether that specific pedal will work say as #1 or #2.
    We can certainly use a pedal in a rig as we like, but we don't have complete freedom when it comes to deciding to use that specific pedal in that specific rig for controlling a different function. And we have some specific choices available only (like "wah to pitch"). This forces us to use more pedals than would be necessary, specially with the morphing function (I haven't loaded 4.x yet tho).

  • It only requires one pedal for all the functions (if you Morph the "Rig Volume" parameter when you want a volume pedal).

    Here is the Pedal Link info (including various ways to set up different numbers of pedals), from Reference Manual 4.0:

    If you don't want to carry four pedals to a gig, but still would like to access all these features, you can link pedal nodes instead. This allows you to optimize your setup by using one physical pedal for several functions. You will find four options in the System menu on the “Pedal Links” page:
     MorphPedal to Wah
     WahPedal to Volume
     MorphPedal to Pitch
     WahPedal to Pitch
     Please note: options 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive, as are options 3 and 4.

    If you own three expression pedals, we suggest that you assign dedicated pedals to Morphing and Volume, and activate “WahPedal to Pitch” for the remaining pedal. You probably don’t need to control Wah and pitch effects within the same Rig, so it makes good sense to use the one expression pedal to control both.

    If you prefer to consolidate morph, Wah, volume and pitch functions to just two expression pedals, you might still want to keep your dedicated Volume Pedal. You can then focus your second pedal on sound effects by activating both “MorphPedal to Wah” and “MorphPedal to Pitch”.

    Of course, there are other setups that are possible with two expression pedals: If, for example, you intended to link pitch to your Morph Pedal, and volume to your Wah Pedal, you could activate “MorphPedal to Pitch” and “WahPedal to Volume”. Now, whenever a Wah effect is active in the current Rig, the Wah Pedal will act as expected, and a Volume Pedal function will not be available. However, in any Rig without an active Wah effect, volume can be controlled by the Wah Pedal. Even if a Wah effect is active, but has “Pedal Mode” set to “Off” or “Touch”, the Volume Pedal link will still be active.

    If “WahPedal to Volume” is selected, the Profiler automatically prevents volume dips when you deactivate Modules that include Wah effects, or if you load another Rig, so you will need to reset the pedal by first pressing it to toe position. Once you have done this, you will be able to fade the volume back to where you want it.

    Likewise, whenever you link pitch control to either Wah or Morph Pedal by selecting “WahPedal to Pitch” or “MorphPedal to Pitch”, in contrast to the Volume Pedal, you must first reset the Pitch Pedal by pressing it to heel position after a Rig change. From heel position onward, Wah or Morph Pedal will then shift the pitch smoothly.

    It is even possible to link both pitch and volume to the Wah Pedal. In this case, Volume Pedal has the lowest priority, meaning active Wah or pitch effects will “beat” the Volume Pedal.

    The link settings are global, so you don’t have to reprogram your Rigs individually. You can decide spontaneously, from gig to gig, how many pedals you want to carry. The appropriate settings can be done in seconds. If you should happen to have no expression pedals immediately to hand, you can still test your setup by using the four soft knobs on the “Pedal Links” page instead to simulate those pedals.

     It is not possible to link Volume Pedal and Morphing Pedal via Wah Pedal, either directly or indirectly, as this would create logical conflicts. However, if needed, you could include the parameter Rig Volume in your Morphing.

     Once the Volume Pedal, Pitch Pedal or Wah Pedal are linked to another pedal controller, they cannot be accessed by their respective MIDI controllers or pedal input destinations.

  • I guess the sense of my suggestion lies in that "mutually exclusive options". My request would solve that limitation.
    True, with morphing you can mimic a lot of functions, but if I'm using it for say controlling the delay feedback I can't separately morph volume.

  • Not really Paul (my good, has my English really gone so South?!? :/ )

    In the Profiler we can set up 2 or 6 pedals, for accomplishing different tasks. In the Helix you can do the same (2 pedals) but it has got only one physical pedal. And you have an option for setting it as pedal #1 or #2, hence changing its function(s).
    If we had an option to reassign on the fly the one pedal connected to the Profiler as "pedal #2" or "pedal #3" ect, that same pedal would start working according to how we have set "pedal #2" or "pedal #3" (volume, wah, pitch, morph...) in the Profiler.
    A trivial example: the possibility to alternate between "Volume" and "Monitor Volume".

    Hope this makes more sense...

  • I just thought you wanted to be able to reassign the expression pedal while using the rig,

    ... and you're correct my friend :)
    I'm suggesting the option to set a function for pedals #1-#6 in the System options, then be able to change the physical pedal's ID# so that (in real time) it starts working according to the setting we've defined for the various pedals.
    For example, if pedal #1 is set to work as Monitor volume and pedal #2 as Volume, reassigning the physical pedal's ID# on the fly it would work as a volume control, or a monitor volume control (or morphing or whatever you've set pedal #x for).

  • I can do this with the GC and midi. I assign in my controller per bank patch what CC to control for the expression pedal. I use one pedal and switch between each, volume, modulation, morph, etc.
    If the remote could send midi, then you could do it easily.