Call to arms! For the European DIYs ;)

  • Is there anyone willing to assemble (design also?) a hardware stereo upstream compressor (some call it a De-expander) for me?

    I used to have one when I was at the uni and can't find anything around now... Suggestion for any (not military-cost) real unit on the market would be welcome likewise :)

    It should be silent, reasonably transparent (not necessarily 20-20k +/- 0 dB...), true-bypass, possibly working @ 230V and letting the signal flow through when it's switched off. Low-tolerance components, sealed pots & the like.
    2 + 2 mono 1/4" Ins & Outs, all on the back. I threshold knob, 1 compression knob. 1 RU in height.

    Anyone interested feel free to PM me :)