Kemper repaired?

  • How long is the warranty for LEDs? Had one LED die on me, no biggie though.

    On a side note, if this has happened to you your unit might belong to those units accidentally equipped with a controller belonging to the notorious batch of defective ones (2012). If this is the case, other LEDs might die in the near future (I have 5 off ATM).
    AFAWK, Mothership by default replaces all the LED apparatus on those units.
    Better to open a ticket even if it's just one LED for now.

  • My Kemper arrived back from repair on 9/7. When I shipped my unit out to repair, it was nicely packed with bubble wrap,styrofoam in the Kemper cardboard box with plenty of tape. The unit was sent back to me in the same box, no bubble wrap, one single pass of tape on the opening and there was a big hole in the box. Clearly the person who shipped the box did not care.

    The sound of my Kemper after being repaired is 100% better! I have always felt that I must have been missing something with my Kemper. My thoughts were that I did not know how to use it properly. This was not the case, my unit was defective since day 1 and I had no idea. Either it was a quality control issue with the components or it was damaged somewhere in transit before arriving to me. The unit sounds more crisp and profiles that I did not like before actually sound much better. On the flip side, profiles I did like sound much differently now. Thinner and lots of harsh treble.