Panning/panning fx

  • Hi eveyone,
    Ive owned the kpa 18 months and to be honest only use fairly basic settings, as im a "home guitarist" only,
    And just enjoy the quality and ease of use.
    I run straight out to stereo frfr monitors.
    Alot of the features i have no idea to use.
    My question is, is there, or is there likely to be in the future a panning function for running stereo effects,
    Eg. Pan wah/chorus/ reverb etc to left or right channel and the other channel "DRY" so through the rig.
    Also can the pitch shift harmony effects be "panned" ??
    Cheers. Steve.

  • Hello cheekyboy, welcome :)

    If you want to achieve this setting on a per-rig basis there's no way AFAIK. You could easily setup the output so that for example the Direct Output carries a signal tapped before the fx section (hence with no modulations and reverbs if you place them in such section) while the Main or the Monitor output carry a whole signal.

    Feel free to explore the options in the Output menu in order to discover all the possibilities.