Mismatching between Rig Manager and Profiler

  • Hi,

    I used for the 1st time Rig Manager this afternoon cause it was time to make a selection of the rigs I use.

    I installed Rig Manager 2.0.17 and start copying the profils I have on the Profiler to the Local Library. No problem so far excepted that for some reason, I have no favorites anymore (rigs are here but not marked as favorites). Well, I started to delete rigs I never used in "MyProfiler" section and it seemed ok, it's written 96 instead of the 753 I had before deleting BUT when I started browsing the KPA, there are many rigs I deleted that still there...

    Now, when I launch Rig Manager (updated to 2.0.18 which fixes the bug about favorites... too late for me), it's written 96 but as it didn't delete the rigs on KPA (not all at least as it's written Syncing Rig 1 of 656), it starts the Sync and take a while.

    So, how can I "tell" Rig Manager to make the KPA matches the 96 rigs displayed in "MyProfiler" the Rig Manager; i.e, deleted the unwanted rigs ?

    EDIT : the rigs appear in KPA but I can't select them, I can select only the 96 rigs I see in the Rig Manager...

    OS of the KPA is the last official update (

    I would like to win time, it's the opposite.

  • I'm also seeing a discrepancy between what's in Rig Manager and what's on my Kemper. My KPA says it has 1017 profiles while the Rig Manager shows I have 712 profiles (yep, I've been doing some "house cleaning" to cut down to something more manageable and am trying to cut it down further until this started up). I've restarted the Rig Manager w/ the KPA on, I've restarted the KPA w/ Rig Manager still open, etc. and I'm still getting pop-ups that I've exceeded the allotted 1000 rigs. I've been deleting rigs from "MyProfiler" but apparently that's not doing anything?

    I had the Rig Manager check to make sure my software versions are up-to-date (which they are) so I'm at a loss as to why I'm unable to remove rigs off of my profiler by using Rig Manager. It seems simple and the Rig Manager manual doesn't seem to address this (that I saw any way). I'm on an iMac OSX 10.11.6 using Rig Manager 2.0.19 w/ a KPA's OS at

    Anybody else experiencing this? Any work arounds? If not I'll probably bug support as I don't want to have to deal with going through the soft buttons on the KPA or note every rig I want to delete, do a back up/export onto a USB stick and then delete them from it and then import/restore from the said USB stick. It's a lot of steps for something the Rig Manager is supposed to make easier. So any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  • please install OS 5.2. next, startup your Profiler holding the RIG button for 30 seconds. once done, open Rig Manager and check if the issue persists.

    Get in touch with Profiler online support team here

  • This is a bug in the current kemper OS release. Deletions from rig manager don't always replicate to the kemper.

    I reported it and tested with the beta OS and found that it does SEEM to be fixed by the beta (any other issues with the beta aside).

    A (tedious) work around is to directly delete rigs from the kemper instead.


  • Cool. I'll check out the 5.2 beta and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the heads up @dgallina and @G String!