Control both Kemper and DAW by 1 midi fcb

  • Hi! I have Kemper coming on Tuesday! I want to get a midi device to control my daw (4 buttons: start record, go back to start of timeframe, up/down tempo). I would also like it to be able to control the kemper at the same time, at least to switch between profiles and stomps.

    Would this be possible through only one unit such as the fcb-1010? Will I just need to get 2 midi devices?

    I was thinking fcb pedals 1-4 would be for the daw and 5-10 for the kemper. Maybe I could use some kind of midi signal splitter? Not sure what would work.


  • You can go FCB to MIDI in of the DAW machine, and remap the FCB output into arbitrary commands towards DAW resp. KPA.
    On Windos there is MIDIox, no idea about Apples.
    The DAW itself should also be able to do this, I know at least Studio1, Cubase and Sonar offer such MIDI mapping facilities.

    P.S. TouchDAW for Android is cheap and nice but I dislike using a touchscreen with my foot ;)