KPA volume advice

  • Hello all,

    I’m new here - been using the KPA head for about a month now and absolutely love it! The only (inevitable really) problems I’ve had is in the setting up various volume levels and I was wondering if anybody could offer some advice.

    Our FOH engineer mentioned that some of the sounds were louder than others and not as they should be (solo sound quieter than rhythm/ clean sound etc.

    As an example, in one sone I use a Fender Twin profile for a rhythm sound and a JCM 800 for the lead sound. The way Isle it I have two options: 1 can adjust the rig volume with the physical knob on the bottom right, or 2, I can press the amplifier button and and adjust the amp volume from there.

    My question is, is one method better than the other? perhaps a bit of both? I’d be very grateful for any advice and or tips.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Adjusting the volumes to fit each other is an important job to do. !

    There is an advice that the rig volume should be at 12 o'clock. (should be used for quick reaction)
    The general adjustment of volume should be done in the line of stomp or effects. (Amp, EQ or what else)
    The master volume should be used to fit to the venues. The Output volumes should fit to the FOH-Mixer.

    The above mentioned advices are not a rule but a tested praxis.

  • Hi
    I experience the same issue and managed to solve it through the performance mode.
    However I would like to know which is the reason why some profiles are louder than it something that came up when the profile was created? Tks

  • Why use performance, can't you set the Vol from the Amp button in Browser or performance?

    I have just been having same issue actually trying to get some performances right for a gig.

    No Gain - No Pain.... :D

  • Thanks for all the replies and advice - much appreciated!

    However, I'm still somewhat at a loss as to the best solution.
    Let me explain further.

    Before the switch to KPA, I had two signal chains separated by an A/B box. I was using a Fender Twin for my clean sound, which I could could dirty up with my MXR Dynacomp pedal wich also had a TC Chorus in the chain. For my lead sounds, I used a Cornford MK50II with a tube screamer, micrrovybe in the chain.

    Obviously, given that set up, there was no "Rig Volume" parameter. On some some nights/venues the Twin was too loud. On others, The Cornford was too loud and I would adjust them accordingly using the master volume on both amps.

    So my question is wether to turn the virtual amp up/down using the soft button "amplifier" parameter or use the physical Rig Volume control on the lower right for best results?

    In anyones experience, is one method better than the other?

    Kind Regards,