Midi offset in performance mode

  • Hey all,

    New user here just trying to set up the midi on my kemper. I've got it mostly figured out (my first experience with an expression pedal as a wah - very cool), but I can't for the life of me wrap my head around performance mode. I think the issue is that my midi board (rocktron midimate) numbers the first bank of buttons 0-4, while the performance mode works 1-5. Even if we disregard the fact that the midimate does not have a midi 00 (so the first button doesn't work on the first bank), and use the second bank up, everything is still shifted by 1.

    In bank 2 the numbers on the midimate would be 5-9, which would confuse the kemper, as its second bank would be 6-10.

    This issue is discussed in these threads but I can't make heads or tails of it:


    I have contacted rocktron before about this as well as other issues, and they have been hit or miss. Any midi/rocktron expertise out there would be greatly appreciated!

  • I would be a good idea to have the midi offset thing also in KPA. Using for example QLab that starts from 0 requires always the calculation, which is of course is very simple, but leaves room for error nevertheless.

  • I know a little about this product.

    For the Midi Mate to be fully compatible with the Kemper performance more the firmware would have to be specifically rewritten.

    But hope is not lost as you can achieve what you want by doing a few hours of work remapping the Midi mate.

    1. Set the Midi mates main Transmit channel 1 .
    Set the Kemper to 1 .
    Now start reading from page 24 of the manual. You will be editing SET 1

    Edit Set 1 and change the preset number mapping to correlate to your specifications.
    Recall Bank 2 preset 1
    Now edit SET1 so preset 1 sends PCH 5 or whatever you desire.

    If you want this functionality you can achieve it with a one time edit session. Make sure to do a midi mate data backup after your satisfied with your setup.
    Let me know what you find.