Show me your mobile/portable recording setup..

  • Yes.This.

    Laptop,Interface,preamp,midi-keys/pad,compressor,headphones,(small monitors;),mic-stand...

    I contemplated a lot during the last 1-2 years for starting a mobile recording set and now it is about time.I am thinking about laptop,using a focusrite 18i8 but I am not sure about its I am thinking about the FMR-stuff (RNP & RNC) with my AKGC414ULS(will record mostly vocals and string instruments)..two good headphones and a nano-stand..alltogether not more than 5kg fitting in a bag small enough to take it with me into a plane..

    Any help & opinion is mucho appreciated.

  • Honestly what you have is already good enough. You won't hear much of an improvement with the FMR stuff, especially when tracking live performances.

    I've heard good things about that Antelope as suggested.

    As a general rule I don't touch external preamps under $700 per channel which is around the price where the increase in quality happens. Anything in $100-500 just sounds almost the same as your interface preamps (clean, clinical).

  • Actually this is my rule too..but a lot of guys claim that the FMR RNP sounds much better than anything else in this category..I did not hear it myself though yet..(I mean the RNP,I know the RNC which is really not bad)..

    Is there any portable preamp in the size/weight-category of the RNP/18/i8 which is an improvement over the pres;

    I could go till 1500€ only for the preamp.


    Dont know how I missed the portico 5017 but I many stuff out there..3kilos is "heavy" though..

    Anyway,I guess I am set with the pream/comp.

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  • I would still need something for a little bit of compression (I will record mostly vocals and nylon/steel string acoustrical instruments)..things would become "to big" and to heavy..

    What do you think about the 5017;I dont see you enthusiastic about this pre.. :/

    But it is "almost" two channel and has a comp..all in one..small/3kilos..

  • I don't have any experience of the Portico. From what I've read it's not bad, just not as good as the really good pres (1073, 312, Great River etc).

    Any reason you really have to have the compression on the way in? Just my opinion but I wouldn't divide my budget between the two, but get the good mic pre first. Then save up for a good comp.

    Or get the good preamp and opt for the FMR RNC, it's a pretty transparent comp for taming the peaks on the way in.

  • Yes it is funny is it not; :D

    I cant do different..dont know why..

    The best reason is most likely the way I am used to listen to vocals..I always loved Kate Bush when I was a kid .And (please dont laugh) Coverdale.. 8| ..yes..his very first solo-albums (whitesnake/snakebite/northwinds etc untill come & get it) bluesy,so expressive..breaths,tongue..same with paul rodgers..actually it is all my olders brother fault who did hear a lot of great music during the late 70s/early 80s..

    I have the impression that that I just cant record vocals without compression.There are a lot of nice things happening in the loungs and mouths of a singer and if a singer knows how to control these.. things can get very interesting..This is not very "professional" but I give a fu@@ about this.Most singers I worked with liked my approach so..

    A lot of stuff has appeared since 2010,so many options right now.

  • @lightbox

    Thanks for your tip mate..great gear indeed but it is "to big"..I look for "small desktop size" like the FMR stuff or the porticos/APIs512c etc..just small enough to fit into a bag for take it with me in a middle size travel bag..


    This is bad."Noisy" is indeed bad.Thank you for the heads up.My fav is still the 5017.Still open for suggestions though..

  • iPad Air 2 running Auria Pro and a Tascam US20x20. Works great for tracking practice sessions with the guys. Needed to record 12 tracks simultaneously (more inputs on the back). Works great. Upload project from Auria to DropBox. Download tracks into DAW. Off to the races...

  • Thanks for all your input dear friends..

    Made my research looking into what is on the market right now(and it is a lot..) and I guess I will try the portico 5017.Everything else would be to large,bulky,costly or of doubtfull quality..