Assign bottom row 1-5 to Stomps

  • Why doesn't this retain the memory setting . I set it up to single rig and always goes back to group of 5

    I have the same issue. Scrolling through Browse mode is especially useful for new owners like me fine tuning their chosen rigs. I love the KPA but this one is a headscratcher.

  • Also wishing the stomps could be switched to use in the lower row. Very difficult to use the top row and I use stomps way more than I switch patches.

    Yes! This would be a great option to have. 4 patches is enough to have per song, but I'd really like to have access to 5 FX at a time

  • Yes! This would be a great option to have. 4 patches is enough to have per song, but I'd really like to have access to 5 FX at a time

    But you could use those 5 FX only alternatively but not additionally !!!
    This leads to the consideration that you can do this currently by storing the rig with each activated FX under one of the switches in the lower row.

  • I've only had my Kemper and Remote a week, this is the first thing I looked for...

    I have LOTS of time to carefully place my foot and select a rig between songs. Stomps on and off is an "on the fly" event and the bottom row would be better for me.

    He Kemper Software Engineering - can I submit an SCR (Software Change Request) and get a tracking number!? KIDDING! :D (and not kidding.... ;) )

  • X infinity on this thread suggestion.

    It was the first thing I noticed with the remote and was what made me send it packing almost immediately. I'll stick with my 3rd party solution until this becomes a reality. For that much money (even on the used market); static control assignments are just not something I am willing to accept at that price point.

  • Absolutely good Point.
    Miss also a Stompbox Mode for using all 8 Effekts direct.
    Would be great to implemantate this Modus.
    Now I'm using 4 Footswitch with 2 Stereo Jacks on Pedal 6 and 4

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  • The buttons are associated with LEDs which have a meaning corresponding to their functions. The color LEDs in the upper row for example indicate the category of effect(s) assigned, which is useful as these effect assignments can vary by Rig and there could be more than one assignment. The white LED twins in the lower row reflect the status of Morphing as well as various functions in Looper Mode. We cannot physically move these LEDs software-wise.

    If your issue is, that you need to stabilize your foot while switching, please consider to use Morphing instead of switching effects on/off. The Rig Buttons in the lower row can morph the Mix of an Effect between 0 and 100% with Rise Time and Fall Time set to 0 ms, which has the same effect as switching on/off. Your could also reassign the TAP button to for example switch Stomp D on/off or control Rotary Speed.

    There is probably no foot controller in this world, that meets everybody's needs. Some want lots of buttons, others prefer a small footprint. Good news is: The Profiler can be controlled with one Remote, multiple Remotes, MIDI, NRPN, and with analog momentary switches and expression pedals directly connected.

  • Don't you intend to change Rigs, but just switching Stomps on and off???

    In that case you could just store that Rig in Slot 1 of any Performance and disable all other Slots (2-5). You could also disable the TAP button in the Systems Setting. So, Rig Buttons 2-5 and TAP would be inactive. And if your Rig doesn't include Morphing, hitting the Rig Button 1 accidentally also has no consequence.

    If you need more than one Rig you could consider placing these all in Slot 1 of different Performances and use Up/Down to load those.

  • Yeah thats cool....I think the main issue are is that me ( and clearly others) find that we often step on the bottom row by mistake, and then all hell breaks loose !

    No Gain - No Pain.... :D

  • As with the request to swap the up down buttons or even have "up" on top row and "down" on bottom row, unless we wish to choose a different midi controller we sometimes have to adapt to what we are given.
    Its likely it is possible this could be done, given the controller and tec-know-how that kemper have, but I understand the thought and planning that has gone into the design.
    Similarly, it would be cool if the 4 delay and reverb feedback/mix/time knobs that i never use on the main panel could be reassgined to something i do use but as the label/text on the panel would then be meaningless i see why this hasn't happened and so another reason perhaps the pedal stays as it is, even though I understand the above reasons.

    I requested to have the 'bum notes' changed for 'proper' ones on my guitar but the manufacturer couldn't oblige. :D