Cameron CCV High Gain Profile - Feedback Requested

  • I did another round of profiling my Cameron CCV100 and could use some fresh ears to give it a try.

    High gain settings profiled through a Friedman 4x12 with an SM57 and Royer 121 mix on a Celestion Greenback speaker. EQ engaged in the X slot adds a little bite but please try it with and without.

    I'd love some feedback on it so if you get a chance please give it a try and let me know your thoughts...good or bad.


    Edit: Added 2 other profiles with slight changes to mic placement. Please let me know which one you prefer. All 3 profiles can be downloaded here:…-xV1OeUz1aw0jJguqNYa?dl=0

  • Damn man, caught me right as I had to take my home setup down. I'll see about testing it before I get everything back up and running which might be after the new year. Looking forward to it because your profiles have always been solid.

  • Webb, Well done Sir!
    All 3 of the big girls went into the remote, they are that good

    I put a Blue Sky reverb in the X slot, didn't need the EQ. (I wish I could move the X slot to the end of the chain)
    Backed the Definition down to 8.0 Clarity at 4.0 Noise gate at 2.2. I think the gate you set was more than needed.

    I used a Reverend Reeves Gabrels signature guitar and things are quite copacetic.
    You know exactly what your doing don't you? :thumbup:

  • Awesome, glad you like them. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Not getting quite the response I had hoped for so maybe the profiles suck and no one wants to tell me or they are so good that people can’t stop playing long enough to post? :D

    I tried to create a poll so people could vote anonymously but it doesn't look like that's an option on this forum. Oh well. Anyway, my ears are ringing from another profiling session so here are 3 more CCV profiles for anyone interested...all at a similar gain settings through the same Friedman cab. 2 of the profiles use an API mic pre and the other is a 1073. Constructive criticism welcomed.

    Profiles can be downloaded here:…LHjsBHgje6dWIXrg25xa?dl=0

    Also, if anyone is up for testing more profiles with a wider range of amp/gain settings and can record audio and/or video clips, please let me know and I'll send them your way.

    Thanks in advance. :thumbup:

  • I should be able to test tonight and give some feedback. Circumstances will be different from when I usually audition stuff, but I'll try doing the best I can.

  • Webb, thanks a lot for your ulterior efforts.. ;) for my purposes the best of your profiles is Cameron 5/7 T2 DI, one of those earlier profiles..

    I would be interested in DI profiles of these last 2 profiles if possible:

    CCV 12.4 01b-57/121
    CCV 12.7 01a-57/121

    thanks once more time.. :thumbup:

  • 01b all the way. Much better balance. The other 2 were ok but I felt like the low end and gain lost a bit of clarity, especially in comparison. Gain made them all a little noisy/fizzy but not too bad.

  • The first set of profiles was very nice. All profiles were good, but if my memory serves me correctly, CCV 12.4 01b-57/121 was my favourite.

    I will try the new (12.7) profiles today and let you know what i think.

  • Thanks. Is that from the 12/7 batch or the 12/4?

    Crap, I only downloaded the ones from the 12/4 batch. Thought the note about adding 2 others included the 12/7 batch but I appear to be mistaken. I'll have to try the others and relay my feedback next week.

  • I’ll start first by saying all these profiles are good and commercial worthy — easily.

    12.4 01-57/121 — good overall. Gain gets a bit fizzy and low end slightly woof
    12.4 01a-57/121 — very similar to the previous. More low end dynamics but also makes it less tight
    12.4 01b-57/121 — much more fizz and low end woof
    12.4 01c-57/121 — tighter but a tad less dynamic

  • Appreciate the feedback. And just to clarify....did you have a chance to try the 3 profiles from 12/7? I need to do a better job naming the profiles because it's hard to keep track. I thought earlier you said 01b from 12/4 had much better balance than the others. Above indicates otherwise so I wasn't sure if you had a chance to compare.

    Thanks again!

  • The 01b was from the 12/7 bunch. That one had the best balance. I can't remember which was which, but the other 2 were split between being too dark/boomy for my setup and the other too bright if I recall.