Wireless guitar system

  • It was fine, worked well, no drop outs. Disappointed I couldn't keep the amplifier end plugged in ( power wise)..got a buzzing when I did that.

    Charging them is going to be a pain but sound wise, worked really well!

    Interesting, and thanks! I wish that the receiver could be charged by 48v phantom power, but c'est la vie.

    I might just pick them up.


  • Thinking even though I don;t use it on a pedal baord that the pedal board set might be better as the receiver is mains powered. Gonna have a play with it tonight, it might just be I tried to power from the USB output from my power conditioner...

  • Confirmed it was the USB on my power conditioner. Connected the receiver to a plug off my power conditioner ( as opposed to the USB power) and its works perfectly. Also mounted last night at the back of my amp so its not intrusive etc..

    Gigging on Friday so I'll see how that goes but I'm quite confident in its stability and sound. So far, totally recommend it although the plug type for the received end is not needed unless using lots of amps....which as a KPA user I don't :)

  • Just as an update....gigged on Friday. At the start of the second set I realised I forgot my hat, so wondered off stage and upstairs to the dressing room and back.......with no dropouts ( I had IEM's on so I could carry on no issue). Seemed like a good test... Perfect.

    I also did a bit of crowd "bothering" and again zero issues.

    Before the gig, I "made" a plug in connector at the back of my rack that links to the front input - I prefer the front input and a permanent charging set up. Worked perfectly and seems more permanent!!

    So far, strongly recommend the Sennhieser system!