Guitar picks. Which one do you use ?

  • That's so interesting because that's exactly why I don't like the MaxGrips... too much "grip". Like it's sticking to my fingers.

    But the Petrucci picks have just a little bit of grip more than a plain old pick.

    I couldn't use the Petruccis as I had to hold onto it so hard it made my hand cramp up. But I got annoyed, dug in the basement for a piece of self-adhesive 120 grit sandpaper, and put a piece on both sides of the Petuccis. Now that is a bit on the grippy side. But the MaxGrips are perfect.

  • I wrote up another thread about picks and articulation, but the short version is I order medium celluloid from because Fender (and everyone else) changed the material they were using and this is as close as I can get to the old school Fender mediums in feel.

    However, just got in another batch today. This time in addition to the blue tortoise I also ordered white. I used to insist on white Fender mediums because even though my friends thought I was nuts, I could tell the difference in feel.

    Sure enough, these whites feel different than the blues, in a good way. The latter is a bit more polished and glassier, so there's a difference in tone between the two. I like both and will use them according to what I want to hear at the moment.

    And to all my friends who thought I was nuts... Nyah! :P

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  • What about this pick? :D

    TRY playing this (no don't)

    NO PICK!! WTF man

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