Trim input level

  • I would really like to see an easy way to trim the input signal level of my instrument at the Kemper. My bass with passive pickups sounds great but my Warwick bass with active electronics has a signal which is too hot which cannot be dealt with by adjusting clean sense alone. I have to turn down the volume on the bass almost all the way and this of course affects the tone dramatically.

    I’m wondering if Kemper could add the ability to substantially trim or boost the signal in the input section with the turn of a knob.

  • With Clean Boost dialled down, do you still go into red on the input led? If so, the signal may just be too hot for the Kemper. If you find the sound is still ok though (no distortion or unpleasant compression), just put a pure booster in slot A and turn it down to taste.

  • Thank you everyone especially Mr. Kemper for your personal reply. I can’t check again until this weekend but if my experience is unique maybe this is just a case of “operator error” — maybe I just need to change the 9V in my active bass. I did hear a clipping sound, but you’re right I don’t think the input light turned red.