impulse responces with kemper

  • hi all

    I'd like to share my views/findings with IRs and kemper I bought few commercial packs but they just don't seen right in kemper I converted them via cab converter from wave files to kemper files but then I had an old pack 7deadlysins pack and some of them sound really good ive saved a few from the cab section on profiles that I like but Irs are a bit of hit and miss any thoughts on same would be good. :thumbup:

    Ian Flynn

  • OwnHammer GNR Greenback set. That's the only set I need, and I've purchased hundreds of IRs. These are by far the best, IMO. Ownhammer seem to consistently outperform everyone else as well.

    GNR voicing, SP2-05 is the best one I have ever heard.

  • sry I bought lol the owmhammer pack I bought was the 212-GTR MAR 66 multi speaker collection converted into kemper files but wasn't happy with them I'm hardly doing something wrong my signal chain is les Paul into kemper apollo twin via pc into atomic clr neo powered wedge so should sound ok but.

    Ian Flynn