Fender FXA6 In ear monitor. My review.

  • I bought them as they were only at 109€ on bax shop. I bought the black ones. First of all, they fit perfectly in my ears and move when I open the mouth. Good point.

    I compared them to DT880 and DT770 which I use everytime. Very subjective.

    To me they sound a lot like the DT880. I had some years ago a Shure E5 which sounded very dull.

    Here good clarity in the High end. I have some fizz that I didn't get in the DT880 when I play GTR+Kemper only through Kemper, but I think my levels are little too hot.

    To me it is a keeper as I also sing. Only con apparently, they are quite fragile, I saw a lot of complaints of ears not functionning after few wekks or monthes. Let's see...