• Can I use the power KPA just for effects. I’d like to use my tube amp fit its eq and gain. Do I just turn the power amp, eq, cam and amp.

    Basically use the KPA for an effects board.


  • If your amp has an effects loop you can get complex and run like:

    Into the Kemper Stomps

    Out of the Kemper effects loop into the front of the amp

    Out of the amp effects loop back into the Kemper loop

    Through the Effects section

    Out of the Kemper main back into your amp effects loop return

    Sounds crazy, I know but I don't like reverb or delay or rotary in front of the gain of the amp. This is how I ran it with my Bogner before I went full Kemper and it sounded great!

    I ultimately succumbed to the simplicity and amp variety of just the Kemper alone and I'm happier with my overall sounds now.

  • Sorry dude but what you are doing seems like a waste of money for investing in a KPA...You now have a very expensive effects rack.... I think you are bypassing the KPA's main benefit, its amp sound.

    It's like buying a Ferrari and replacing the engine with a Porsche engine..

    Anyway, hope it works for you but I would consider retaining your amp and getting a cheaper but more dedicated effects rack/pedals etc.

  • It would be a monumental waste of money to buy a Kemper for the effects alone. You could get a killer effects rack that does so much more for the money you would spend on a Kemper. The main selling point is the profiling and the resultant amp sound so if you are bypassing that then it's a waste of money...

  • Guys, I use my KPA professionally. I use it for in the studio and live. I just asked because I wanted to put the reverb into my amp in my house.

    I asked just in case either my KPA or my tube amp got ruined. Thanks FINALLY I’ll try your answer,