What are "your" hidden gems in Rig Exchange? Post your best finds here ...

  • I was always thinking that I'm searching for a (punk/punkrock) JCM 800 sound but was never 100% happy. Then I stumbled over a thread where JerEvil and timowens were mentioned.

    Well, their Splawn QuickRod Profiles are amazing! I use them with an Ownhammer IR that i like (Marshall V30 cab, which i also have in real life) and it's awesome. Couldn't put the guitar down even when my lunch break was over ^^.

    If anyone has recommendations for sounds that go in the same direction, hit me up (the Friedman sound is not really my cup of tea). :)

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    I was so far unsuccessful to contact Ivan Sandoval, but I suspect that all these Profiles are from a modeler (AxeFx) and not properly tagged

    Caveat emptor ;)

    ok. Big shoutout to Ivan Sandoval!

    These are awesome profiles at rix exchange. There are new profiles of a JMP and just with minor tweaking I'm in the territory of Green Day.

    Also the JCM 2000 finally sounds like a good amp. Had it for two years, never was happy with it so i finally sold it last month and now these profiles showed up.

    Thank you!

    P.S.: It was really hard to put the guitar down for the two minutes to write these lines. So. Much. Fun!

  • The Matchless Indepence 3S profiles by The Studio Rats (search for TSR independence) on Rig Exchange. Toggle the distion fx off, and they're a superb clean, hot clean, and light break up profile. Put the distortion back on and they're cool too.

  • Wow! Great Profile and DelayTone.. for me perfect !

    Liveplayrock DLY dot //Turn on Mod and I changed the Cabinet to => Bogner 412SL by Guidorist

    play with the Gain!

    by Liveplayrock.. have fun!

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  • These two high-gain profiles are ready to go with minimal EQ-ing. Pretty dang good.

    5150III + Mesa & EVH by Jeff Dunne

    5150III + Mesa 4x12 by Jeff Dunne

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • Super nice and and meaty high quality high-gain profiles that roll down to punchy crunch and pristine cleans on the gain knob. Also works great with volume roll off.

    • 3 Amp JMP/JMP/JTM hotrod by David G Burns
    • 3 Amp JMP/JMP/JTM chords by David G Burns
    • 3 amp angrier monster by David G Burns (My Favorite!)

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • Man the Martin Suijs Marshall 68 SB 4A is absolutely amazing. Great clean up, feels great, sounds amazing. He also has other Marshall profiles that are very good. Martin Suijs thank you. You should definitely make more anything Marshall!


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  • All free profiles:

    For low gain/clean - My favorite is the Fender '64 Deluxe Reverb from msuijs. It's free on this forum: Fender '64 Deluxe Reverb profiles His other profiles are on the Rig Exchange under: Martin Suijs

    For Medium gain - Nate Collings - Rivera Venus 6 profile listed on the Rig Exchange. I'd actually like to see more profiles of this amp and more of Rivera modded Fenders in general. Anyone with a super champ or a Fender Deluxe with a Rivera Stage 2 mod done on it want to profile their amp? I'd be ever so grateful. These circuits are on countless recordings ... think Michael Jackson, Toto, etc.

    High Gain - Anything by @George_Alayon on the rig exchange. He must be a brother from another mother. It's obviously from his amp selection and profile setups that we have a similar musical ear. Particularly, I like his variac'd 68 Metro Friedman. Id' love to see even more profiles of that amp taking the variac even lower ... 61V? right before the heaters turn off ... the compression that kicks in with the variac is soooo great on a Marshall circuit. Maybe a boost or frown curve EQ pedal while profiling to really nail that EVH brown sound would also be killer! He also has this one elusive 76 Marshall JMP which is killer. Think 70's Kiss or Angus Young.. I wish we had more profiles of that as well. Like I said, anything from George Alayon is gold.

    I'd love to get access to any of Pete Thorn, Steve Lukather or Neal Schon's personal kemper profiles with their own rig captures.... one can wish ... just need 5 minutes and a USB stick ... Someone also needs to bring a kemper to Jim Gaustad so he can profile his vintage brown sound setup! I'd volunteer to go to Nashville for that one ...

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  • I just downloaded a bunch of profiles from GRStudios and they are amazing. Definitely worth a look, from screaming leads to the most amazing cleans with some very useable effects. The 5150 are crazy good the Fender supper reverb "GRS FSR 21" my favourite clean so far