ML Sound Lab IR's

  • Hey guys , just wanted give some feedback for the ML Sound Lab IR's ... I initially bought a cab pack for my helix stomp that I just bought. I really love how they open up the sound from the Helix. I wanted to convert them to kipr files but wasn't able to ... I chatted with Mikko on FB about the problem and he was so kind to send me correct kipr files !

    I must say he's a genuine expert in creating IR's (hence you can buy his IR's directly from the fractal site) , Now i'm about to try some IR's from him with some direct profiles from the kemper

    So I can only highly recommend his IR' (I got the jubilee one btw, his MIX Ir's are superb !)


    Kemper stage with 2 mission pedals (in a Thon line 6 FBV case) and a Zilla 212 (K-100/V30) , SD powerstage 700 poweramp