It's exciting to be part of this!

  • Hello, to all, from the Jersey Shore(-:

    I am humbled, to be in the presence of so many innovative people here.

    To be part of this KPA community as it develops, and matures, is exciting, to say the least.

    I am 60yrs young, and have been a serious gearhound, since I was 12.
    Of course, at that time, the only thing available to me was a Maestro Fuzz Tone.
    Almost 50yrs later, and enter, The KPA(-:
    All I can say, is I have not been this excited about a single piece of gear since that day I walked out of Manny's, on 48th st, with my Fuzz Tone.
    Thank You Mr. Kemper!
    Most people do not even realize, yet, how special, and innovative, this magic little, retro looking, box is.
    I DO !!!!
    I have been following the KPA since the first whispers of it appeared on the internet.
    I knew, right away that this approach had the potential to be the missing link, for recording, and performing.
    And with the likes of CK at the wheel, this will be a win win adventure into the future of guitar wizardry.

    It will be a pleasure to, slowly, get to know you all.
    See you in the trenches,
    Best Regards,

  • Thanks for the good vibes Guys(and Gals).

    After I finish the manual, and get the KPA hooked up.
    My first two profiles will be these beauties.

    First, a little John Lee Hooker from this. (12w of Octal Sweetness) 1955 National "Valco".

    [Blocked Image:]

    Second, a little SRV/Dick Dale, from the Big Dog, 1969 Drip Edge, Dual Showman 85w, thru a Marshal 1965b 4x10.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I don't move as fast as I used to, so don't expect these profiles tomorrow.
    Unfortunately, I also have a civilian job, in order to pay off the KPA.
    Oh, and a Wife!(but she did let me buy the KPA)

    Thanks again for the Welcomes,

  • Welcome sir!
    Also looking forward to the valco!
    Might have to find some tubes for mine, come to think of it :thumbup:

  • Hello wyatt,

    nice to meet you here. welcome!

    it´s nice to see your excitement. you know, when i first heard about this KPA only three weeks ago, i coud not believe it.
    i checked out every single you tube video and — by and by — became convinced that i should give it a try.
    especially the nashville video did the trick. i have read three reviews as well and all of them were on the edge of being enthusiastic.
    yes, i own a KPA now! and i think it will stay here.
    there is still one thing i do not comprehend: if i play "da-doo-doo-da" by the police (well, i play "hänschen klein", but i think you won´t know it)
    on my keyboard and save it as midi, it is going to have 40 K, right?
    and now i have got 500 profiles of very expensive, super precious amps i could not afford, a bogner for instance, each of them incredibly big.
    what does the trick? where does this incredibly close sound come from? i call it "close", because you will not be able to totally substitute a real
    live amp, miked by a pro, played by a pro, maybe you give this thread: Battle otG revisit a try and guess which profile is which, but — hey, i am older than 50 years
    now, i cannot carry even my own 4x12 anymore, so the KPA is much appreciated by an old bone like me.

    yes, they call it "profiling", but that´s just another name for something unbelievable. by the blink of an eye i switch from the xtc to another 4K-profile
    and i have got the vintage tone of a budda, another amp i would never be able to buy. and so on ...
    Kemper must be a genius in his field, is he not?

    and another plus is the nice community, the spirit of sharing. :thumbup: i hope it will stay this way.

    just wanted to share

    with kind regards

    My occupation: showing teenagers the many hidden secrets of the A-minor chord on the guitar.

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