Sound: Main Out vs. Headphone Out

  • Hi,

    I use a Fischer Amps In Ear Stick in Stereo Mode for cabled IEM:…tick.htm?ref=search_prv_3

    To test my newly made Y-cable (2x XLR Mono => 1x XLR Stereo), I thought I'd put it on the Kemper's main outs (which I use to go into the console live).

    I played with the same studio headphones that I always play with at home, either on the KPA headphone out and on the Fischer Amps PreAmp during my "test".

    Having the Kemper quite some time I think I know my sounds. What I directly encountered from the beginning was, that the KPA was sounding a little bit harsher going through the desk at gigs compared to my home situation, which I blamed my Shure IEM compared to my studio headphones for - without any investigation I have to admit.

    Today when I tested my cable, I heard that I got a similar effect between KPA headphone out and KPA main out with the Fischer Amp. The quality of the Fischer Amps hardware should not be the problem.

    I encountered that I got "Space activated" only for headphone, which I unchecked and made things a little more "natural". Is it common sense to have space also on the main outs when you go into the console?

    I also saw in the output menu, that I do not use Pure Cab (I though I'd use it). Also here - is it common sense to use it? I activated it and set it on 3.0 for a start which gave me an overall, more natural feel.

    But the differences still remained. So I started to play with the volume of the preamp in case that I fooled myself because the headphone out was louder ... but it wasn't. I also got the feeling, that the L and R signals on the main out are not equally "strong" compared to the headphone out.

    Now I ask myself if there really "is" a difference and if I should tune my profiles using the Main Out? Don't get me wrong ... it works and sounds good. But not _as_ good as over the headphone out. Not as full and a little less mids and bass I think. I would assume that the Fischer Amps In Ear Stick is rather neutral and does not shape the sounds this hard.

    Any ideas what I could try?


    • No EQ on the Main Outs
    • Space activated for the Main Outs
    • Same headphone used for the comparison
    • Different profiles used