Making changes in Performance mode - not auto saving when changing slots 1 to 5

  • All,

    When im in performance mode and i make a change to a slot (e.g. adjust delay level), im having to go through the 'Save' procedure every time before moving across to a different performance number.

    If i dont save each time i move across the performance slots, I loose the changes ive made . Am i missing something obvious?

    Id like to be able to freely make changes to my 5 performance slots, with the changes automatically saving as i go along, and then when im happy click 'Save' just the once. Its making the work flow really cumbersome.

  • maybe the manual helps:

    While navigating Slots within a Performance via the PAGE buttons of the PROFILER Stage, or the left and right RIG navigation cross buttons of the other PROFILER variants, any modifications (e.g. loading another Rig, or cranking up Gain) are interpreted as editing, and will be retained until you move to another Performance. Don’t forget to store before you load another Performance, if you want to make those modifications permanent.

    Performance Mode 238

    As soon as you load another Slot from your foot controller, or foot buttons of the PROFILER Remote or Stage, any former modifications within that Performance are interpreted as temporary tweaks during a live performance and will be discarded immediately. If, for example, you had activated a booster in module B, or increased Delay Mix via pedal, any such changes will be lost if you switch Slots remotely. This way, you can always be sure that Slots will be loaded in their original, predictable state during live performances.

  • That's 2 contradicting paragraphs about seemingly the same thing. I'm none the wiser.

    Currently any modifications are not retained. I would like them to be when switching between slots in Performance mode.

  • Make your changes as needed and then “save/store” it. If you do NOT save before switching to a new performance slot all will be lost.

    You could also edit in browser mode and save the rig. Then when in performance mode just load the rig into whatever slot you want.

    SAVE your work before changing performance slots or rigs. Simple as that .

    You can also copy and paste performance slots if you want to use the settings as a starting point. You even save your edit performance and then save to browse pool for future recall.

    The main key is to always Store/Save

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  • it´s not contradicting:

    you can edit all 5 slots and the changes will remain if you don´t change the slot with the remote, but with the page buttons or the navigation cross. when you done with all 5 slots you can store the perfomance, incl all changes in the 5 slots.

    But, if you load a slot with a foot controller or the remote, you loose the changes you made. this we you can tweak a slot, but if you want to go back to the previous state, you simply press the slot button on the remote.

    If all changes would be saved all the time, that would not make any sense to me.