Digitech freqout power solution

  • Hello all,

    I know this has been discussed here before (see thread reference below), but I am looking to get some feedback from actual experience any of you may have had regarding powering the Digitech Freqout pedal, with something like the Pedaltrain Volto (or any other similar device). The Freqout is the only pedal I need on my board, along with the remote, so I'd like to avoid running a power cable for only one pedal.

    So my question: is something like the Volto able to provide power for the Digitech Freqout for an entire show? What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance guys.


    Powering the Freq Out pedal

  • The back of the Freqout says 300mA. In the past I've viewed these labels as being too conservative (the whammy 5 can run on 100-200 ma even though it says it needs over 1 amp on the casing) - however when I added a Freqout (and a Boss SY-1 (says 200mA, runs on 100mA) and a Whammy DT (says 1300mA and really means it) ) to my board - it sucked the life out of my power supplies (a cheap caline and a 'just as cheap' vitoos') - I think it really needs 200-300 mA all the time.

    Its a vampire - but worth it.

  • I am still massively intrigued by the freqout...and the only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger (on what is a relatively inexpensive pedal) is that I have got so used to running no power to the front of stage...so very keen on answers here! Cheers, Greg

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